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On this page, we offer live and recorded informational workshops for those of you who want to see some of what IBEX has to offer. IBEX Seminars Online does not replace the experience of attending IBEX in Tampa, FL, but rather allows you an opportunity to benefit from some of the robust training that is available onsite.

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This webinar took place in  July 2019.

The Growing Threat from Cyber Attacks in the Marine Industry

The global marine industry—much like air, road, and rail transportation—is undergoing a technological revolution. One of the key challenges facing all of these industries is the growing threat from cyberattacks. Virtually any company that is using technology or machinery controlled by software is a part of the cyber ecosystem.  This exposes an organization to threats and attacks for which they may be unprepared or sometimes even completely unaware for weeks or months. This session provides a general awareness of cyber conditions and the changing risk landscape for the marine industry.

Presenter: Lisa Young, Axio


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August 15, 2019 | 1:30 PM

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The LinkedInquisition: Making sense of social media’s most mysterious platform

With more than 500 million numbers worldwide and a specific focus on work, LinkedIn has the potential to be a cornerstone in promoting your business and your capabilities as a professional. However, it remains a mystery to many users. In this fast-paced webinar, LinkedIn expert Anthony Juliano will help you make sense of the platform in ways that are meaningful to your business. The topics he’ll cover include:

  • Why LinkedIn matters beyond job search
  • Who uses LinkedIn–and why it may warrant more of your time
  • LinkedIn’s points of differentiation versus other platforms
  • The keys to success on LinkedIn
  • Tips, tricks and ways to maximize LinkedIn without a paid membership

Presenter: Anthony Juliano, Four Point Six Consulting



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September 12, 2019  | 1:30 PM

Cost: Free

Tax Planning for Marine Manufacturers

The Big Idea
Both the R&D credit and the 199A deduction are incredible planning opportunities, enabling marine manufacturers to minimize their tax burden and have the opportunity to reinvest those dollars back in the business to fuel growth.

Research & Development Tax Credit
Interestingly, the Research and Development (“R&D”) Tax Credit is often dismissed by marine manufacturers as only pertaining to rocket scientists or chemists. However, the actual definition of what qualifies for the credit is much broader. Taxpayers of any size that design, develop, or improve products, processes, techniques formulas, inventions, or software are eligible.  For example, a boat manufacturer that designs a new boat model or improves the speed, handling, or efficiency of an existing model likely qualifies for this credit.  The R&D credit is now permanent as result of the 2015 PATH Act, and is an excellent planning opportunity for marine manufacturers that engage in product or process development.

3 Main Categories of Qualifying Expenses for Marine Manufacturers

  1. The primary expense is usually wages paid to employees that perform, support, or supervise R&D activities.  Take for example the labor involved in developing a new model:
  2. Companies can also include expenses related to supplies used or consumed in the R&D process as part of the R&D credit.  If the company builds a prototype seating arrangement or hatch for the new model, the fiberglass, resin, catalyst and core material related to that project can be included as well.
  3. Third party contractor expenses are also includible for the R&D credit.

Section 199A Deduction
The new Section 199A deduction allows for an additional 20% deduction for companies other than corporations.  This new deduction aims to address the rate differential between pass-through companies and C corporations.

Presenter: Ron Wainwright, Cherry Bekaert

PRESENTED BY:Cherry Bekaert

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