OCTOBER 2-4, 2018

Tampa Convention Center • Tampa, FL USA

Help Shape the Future of the Marine Industry

Fun in the sun on boatsIs there anything better than getting out on the water on a hot summer day? Whether your passion is wakeboarding, swimming, diving, sailing, fishing, or just hanging out, there is something inspiring about being on the water. The marine industry needs our passionate thought leaders to help guide us into the next generation.

We are the innovators, the risk takers, the dreamers. We are the future of this industry, and we need your help to guide it into the future.

Who we are

The Marine Millennials are more than just a networking group. We formed the group to drive our industry forward, and push each other to be the best at what we do. As our generation enters the workforce, we have an unprecedented number of tools at our fingertips and a tech-savvy that those before us never had.

We are here because we want to take those skills and set them loose on the marine industry! From marketing and branding, to new product designs, to dynamic leadership qualities – we are ready for the next big challenge and the Marine Millennials are here to help us make sure we succeed.

Sailboat moving fast

  • Benefits
    • Expanding your network
      • Meet people from other organizations to help expand your presence in the industry. Whether you looking for new sales channels, product ideas or a new job, it’s all about who you know!
    • Staying current on industry trends
      • As we help drive the marine industry into this modern era, what’s hot is an ever-changing goal line. By working together we can keep each informed and ahead of the curve!
    • Getting inspiration
      • We’ve got ideas – some good, some not so much. Having a creative sounding board of your peers, in your industry, will focus your creativity and help bring ideas into realities
    • Personal opportunities
      • IBEX, Miami International Boat Show, and the American Boating Congress are all places where the Marine Millennials group meets each year. What better way is there to get involved and travel to interesting new places?
    • Career opportunities
      • The marine industry is a small tight knit community of passionate boaters and professionals, both young and old. If you’re looking for a career shift, chances are someone in our group can help you find that perfect fit.
    • Generate leads & referrals
      • The marine industry is a small industry, the longer you’re in it, the smaller it feels. Most of the customers we have, overlap across multiple different product lines, and we can help connect future customers with our membership.
    • Source of fresh ideas
      • Successful new ideas don’t get generated in a vacuum. You need to be out in the world, talking to people and sharing ideas with friends and colleagues to truly be successful. The Marine Millennials can be that platform for sharing the next great idea to change our industry.
    • Peer-learning
      • Some of us have been doing this for years, and some of us just got involved recently. Either way, we’ve all got experiences and ideas to share with each other and build a solid foundation for success.
    • Get recognized in the marine industry
      • The more people you know, the higher your value – it’s as simple as that. We are more than just a networking group though, we are here to help each other grow the industry and our own opportunities.
    • Learn from industry experts
      • With guest speakers, and informal conversations, the Marine Millennials provides you with the opportunity to sit in front of and learn from top industry professionals.

Worker with large ship