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What It Takes to Be an Industry Leader

To thrive in today’s environment, a business must strive for excellence, while remaining fluid and adaptable.

In today’s business landscape, focusing on innovation is no longer just a goal, it is a necessity. Demand within the marine industry is higher than ever, while supply is low due to supply chain and shipping issues. In addition to that challenge, we have seen a shift in consumers becoming more tech-savvy. This is a result of working from home situations, virtual boat shows, as well as the recent background development in vessel integration. To thrive in this environment a business must strive for excellence while remaining fluid and adaptable. You’ve got to think outside the box daily. You have to find new ways to reach your customers and new ways to bolster your relationships with your partners.

Help Your Partners

This is one of the reasons why Propspeed launched its online portal, the Propspeed Business Resource Center (BRC). This portal seamlessly offers sales teams and marine businesses a fully stocked “tool belt” that is accessible 24/7. Propspeed’s partners can learn how to increase their sales per customer through the full range of underwater coatings, including Propspeed, Foulfree, and Lightspeed.

“Propspeed’s new Business Resource Center is terrific,” said Steve Miller, category manager, West Marine. “It combines technical information, training opportunities, and assets for staff as well as end-users. It appears to be well thought out and easy-to-use.”

“The Propspeed team has always gone above and beyond to support our efforts in the field,” said Ken Ferleger, vice president of sales, Land ’N’ Sea/Kellogg. “The Business Resource Center takes their support and makes it easy for my team and customers alike to access training, sales and marketing materials, and technical information online. Ultimately, this tool will help our sales force, and their customers, increase earnings and deliver a better service to boaters.”

Through the BRC, sales representatives and B2B customers can now sign up for a live, online training session and get access to technical and sales support. This will help make the Propspeed range a valuable part of their business and enhance their customers’ boating experience.

Find New Ways to Approach Your Customers

There was a time when advertising and public relations was the best way to reach your customers. You could control the message and the timing and target the right people to receive this information. Now, our customers are getting their news from online sources and social media. That’s why Propspeed partnered with a number of brand ambassadors. Six captains, each part of the Wicked Tuna fleet, will promote Propspeed products and demonstrate the benefits of using the line to keep their vessels running smoothly through the demands of their occupational endeavors.

“Last season, I had Propspeed products applied on my wheel, rudder, underwater lights, and transducer,” said Bob Cook, FV Fat Tuna. “Fat Tuna looks as fresh hauling out as the day she went in for the season!”

Customer Service is Key

Regardless of whether the feedback is coming from your customers or your partners, you must have easy and open communication with the people and businesses that matter. This allows you to be flexible and adapt. Positive reinforcement lets you show appreciation for employees that go above and beyond and better home in on what your customers like about your service or product. Negative comments should be taken to heart if they are constructive as they will help you learn what areas of your business need improvement.

“Propspeed reps have visited the shop on several occasions to give our staff comprehensive training in application and product range,” said Gabe Capobianchi, Owner, Precision Propeller Repair. “The representatives have always been courteous and patient with our team during the learning process and it has helped to enable our staff to stand behind the product with full confidence. Whenever we have questions, the Propspeed team is always there to help us along.”

“I inquired at the yard office if they could coat my running gear with Propspeed but was informed that was not a service they offered,” said Willard Thomas, boat owner. “To the rescue came your rep. Rusty Morgan. On short notice, he was willing to drive (an awful job in itself) from Bellingham to Tacoma to not only teach the yard painter the correct process for applying Propspeed but he actually did hands-on training. He got under the boat and he himself sanded and demonstrated the whole process to make sure it was done correctly.”

Find The Right Partners

Finally, find the right partners that compliment your product line. It makes perfect sense to partner with like-minded innovators in those fields.

“Riviera has been using Propspeed on all new motor yachts built by the company for the past five years. In addition, Rivieras Aftermarket and Service department based at the manufacturing facility on the Gold Coast, has been using Propspeed for the past ten years,” said Michael Swain, Riviera’s Aftermarket and Service Manager. We believe Propspeed is a superior foul-release system. Once applied correctly we see very little growth on boats that have been in the water for 12 up to 18 months. There is no better foul-release product to apply to propellers, shafts, or pods of a Riviera”.

“Propspeed’s proven foul-release coating for propellers made the company a natural match and our top choice to develop a coating that keeps transducers free of fouling,” said Craig Cushman, Airmar Technology. “We are excited to bring to market a quality product that helps our customers get optimal performance from their transducers.”

“The best way to enjoy the near-limitless color combinations we offer is to ensure your lights are clean,” said Eifrion Evans, President, Lumishore. “The application of Lightspeed makes this both simple and safe, and we’re very pleased to recommend this product to our discerning customers.”

Strive for excellence. Remaining fluid and adaptable. Think outside the box. Find new ways to reach your customers and new ways to bolster your relationships with your existing partners. When you do, your customers and partners will tell your story for you.



Propspeed, the industry leader in foul-release coatings, has been protecting underwater assets for over 21 years. They have developed a product range that is unrivaled, offering three foul-release coatings – Propspeed, Foulfree™, and Lightspeed™. Their passionate team is here to support the integration of Propspeed as a value-add to your business.

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