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Brownell Boat Stands Introduces the BL8AIR Boat Lift System

Increase Safety and Save Labor

The first of its kind Brownell BL8AIR Air-Hydraulic Boat Lift System allows builders, dealers, yards and transporters to lift large vessels up to 32,000lb (14514.94 kg) with a complete set of four lifts. Each lift is powered by an eight-ton air over hydraulic ram jack. Using an air manifold allows the user and staff maintain a safe distance, while actively adjusting, balancing and lifting the boat remotely; increasing safety and labor savings. Air operation provides a faster rise speed than manual pumping and eliminates the need to move around the boat to lift individual jacks.

The lifting arm has three horizontal positions with graduated capacities: 8,000lbs @ up to 10”, 6,000lbs @ 14” and 4,000lbs @ 18”: stronger than any competitive system in these positions. The system additionally offers two staggered receivers for the arm thereby increasing horizontal and vertical ranges to 18” and 32”, respectively and far exceeding similar hydraulic systems. We recommend a minimum of 120 PSI with a 20-pound storage tank. The jacks can also operate manually when an air supply is not available.

The small footprint of the BL8AIR system can be used where lifting equipment such as forklifts and mobile hoists simply cannot fit. It also requires a significantly smaller capital expense. Final assembly, warranty department, service, indoor storage, and truck or trailer removal are among the uses. The Brownell BL8AIR is also ideally suited for boat show or showroom use when paired with Brownell dollies or stands. Made in America, since 1954.

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Brownell, known for the legendary quality and safety of our boat stands, now offers a complete line of dollies, lifts, drive tools and racks built to the same standard. Ideal production. Ask about the Brownell system to display in boat shows and showrooms. Lifetime warranty. Made in America, since 1954.

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