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Vision Marine Technologies & E-Motion™ Electric Marine Powertrain made leaps and strides in the last year.

Groupe Beneteau’s FourWinns: H2E Product Launch

Vision Marine partnership with Groupe Beneteau will forever change the boating industry. In August 2022, Vision Marine attended Groupe Beneteau’s annual dealer conference in Cadillac, Michigan, which serves to inform Groupe Beneteau’s global network of 400+ dealerships of new and upcoming innovative Groupe Beneteau products coming to market.

The H2E product launch was unveiled by Vision Marine’s CEO Alexandre Mongeon. Mr. Mongeon provided a detailed slideshow presentation of the vessel to Groupe Beneteau’s global dealership network. The H2E will feature two high-voltage, high-density 700v batteries, custom manufactured for the exclusive use of Vision Marine Technologies, and a fully integrated inboard charger that enables the user to simply recharge the boat via a 110v or 220v outlet. Groupe Beneteau has announced it expects deliveries of the vessel to commence in Spring 2023. The long-standing relationship between both parties is a seminal validation of the underlying technology.

Since Vision Marine’s last IBEX appearance in 2021, the company has solidified new partnerships and shown significant progress in its already established partnerships. The company’s innovative E-Motion™ 180E (180 HP) outboard motor and associated powertrain has received tremendous validation from OEMs and has changed the history books. Vision Marine electric outboard motors break 109 MPH and set the Fastest Mark for an Electric Boat. Vision Marine also designs, manufactures, and sells handcrafted, environmentally friendly, fully electric recreational boats which produce zero emissions, keeping the natural environment completely clean.

In August 2022, at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, the largest unsanctioned race in the US, Vision Marine debuted its fully electric V32 widebody 32” catamaran, the first ever 100% electric speedboat. Current F1 H20 World Champion Shaun Torrente piloted the V32 and stunned the Ozarks audience as he sped past 100 MPH, hitting 109 and 104 MPH in their respective runs, thus smashing the world electric boat speed record. The V32, which was designed by Vision Marine and Shaun Torrente’s Star marine team, was equipped with a twin application of Vision Marine’s proprietary E-Motion™ electric outboard motor and powertrain system.

In June 2022, Vision Marine and The Limestone Boat Company (TSX-V: BOAT) announced the completion of the highly successful sea trials, which saw Vision Marine’s E-Motion™ 180E integrated onto Limestone’s 21” Aquasport 2100CC center console powerboat. Limestone expects to move forward with the placement of its initial order in 2021 of 25 E-Motion™180E outboards, with plans to meet a targeted delivery early second quarter of 2023. The 2100CC will be the first ever fully electric center console boat to market.

Vision Marine has solidified its short and long-term battery supply with global battery suppliers, Octillion Power Systems and Neogy. The companies have developed a customized high voltage, high-density battery, manufactured for the exclusive use of Vision Marine within the recreational boating market. The battery pack will be the first-ever battery pack to be uniquely designed for the marine industry, smaller than a typical ICE fuel tank, which will enable it to fit into virtually any boat between 18 and 30 feet, serving to expand Vision Marine’s addressable market.

In 2021, Vision Marine entered a Manufacture & Supply Agreement with McLaren Engineering, one of the preeminent engineering firms in the world, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Linamar Corporation (TSX: LNR). Linamar/McLaren’s large global presence enables Vision Marine to sufficiently scale production to levels expected to be required by OEMs due to increasing consumer demand.

To further optimize the E-Motion’s™ performance, Vision Marine has partnered with Weismann Marine LLC., boat racing industry legends specializing in designing and manufacturing custom, innovative transaxles and transmission solutions for racing. Weismann Marine has custom engineered the lower units for the E-Motion™ outboard, which is important in accommodating the high torque generated.

Vision Marine’s partnerships provide the expertise to help bring the best electric powerboats to market. Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. (VMAR-NASDAQ) returns to IBEX 2022, booth #3-245.

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Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. (VMAR-NASDAQ) is disrupting the boating industry for the benefit of the future generation of boating enthusiasts by providing a cost-effective alternative to ICE outboard motors with its fully electric, high-performance, noiseless and eco-friendly 180 HP E-Motion™ outboard motor and associated powertrain system for OEMs and consumers alike.

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