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Vision Marine secures key strategic partnerships for the E-Motion™ 180E Electric Powertrain Package

The recent partnerships announcements with Linamar Corporation (TSC: LNR ), Octillion Power Systems, and Nextfour Solutions will significantly impact Vision Marine’s success with the E-Motion™ 180E Electric Powertrain Package.

Vision Marine’s team is pleased with several key successes over the last 6 months. These successes include showcasing the powertrain system capabilities and winning the Topgun mention at The Lake of the Ozarks Shootout 2021 and the participation at many large international boat shows while securing several important and strategic partnerships for the E-Motion 180E Electric Powertrain Package.

Scaling the Manufacturing Process

To scale orders and supply major OEM clients, Vision has announced a supply and manufacturing agreement with Linamar Corp and its subsidiary McLaren Engineering. Their cutting-edge product development team will manufacture and assemble the E-Motion™ technology with their testing, parts, and tooling development to design the union assembly for mass production of Vision Marine’s fully electric outboard motor at Linamar Corp’s facility in Canada.

Mark Stoddart, CTO of Linamar, stated, “This agreement with Vision Marine represents a unique opportunity for McLaren Engineering to lend its honed expertise to aid in the design, development, integration, manufacturing, and testing of Vision Marine’s proprietary maritime electric powertrain system for OEMs. We are happy to be working with Vision Marine’s team to scale production.”

High-Density Batteries Solely Designed For The Boating Industry

Vision Marine secured a partnership with Octillion Power System, an advanced global supplier, designer, and builder of specialized high-density lithium-ion electric vehicle battery systems. This will mark Octillion’s first partnership in the marine industry, having delivered nearly 400,000 EV battery systems worldwide, with a focus on passenger cars, trucks, and buses.

This partnership will provides Vision Marine exclusive usage of the first high-density battery specifically designed and manufactured for the boating industry. Currently, the recreational power boating market has been deploying car batteries.

The battery pack will be smaller than a typical ICE (internal combustion engine) fuel tank and  have the ability to fit any boat between 18 and 30 feet,  expanding Vision Marine’s market through a wide-range of recreational boating platforms.

Octillion is a US-based electric battery manufacturer with a global presence. The new partnership will give Vision Marine the ability to secure the supply chain and battery production for the short-and-long term for operations and to the advantage of its customers, while other electric boat manufacturers will be facing with a two-year backlog in the supply chain.

Designing Advanced and Intuitive Smart Console with High-Level Marine Navigation System

Vision Marine has partnered with Nextfour Solutions to further develop a customized, multifunctional center-console display integrated within Vision Marine’s E-Motion™ 180E Powertrain System.

The Q Display is the first marine display that brings the familiar automotive-like customer experience to boating, integrating the on-board computer, mobile connectivity, weather forecasts, sea charts, regular software updates, and entertainment system with an all-in-one simple “Plug and Play” device.

The Q Display will showcase an advanced marine navigation system called The Q Experience, delivering confidence in control and handling for the recreational boater.

The Q Experience Ecosystem mobile app will also provide guard functionality (boat awareness and security theft alarm), an automatic logbook recording routes, and information on trip history and fuel economy.

“Vision Marine will have an industry-leading user experience, performance, and unique product to utilize in conjunction with our E-Motion™ fully electric powertrain,” said Alexandre Mongeon, co-founder, and CEO of Vision Marine.

A Major Game-Changer in the Boating World

All boat builders manufacturing  vessels capable of using 180 HP outboard engines can now offer a fully electric motor with the same HP installing Vision Marine’s E-Motion 180E Technology.

Local and federal governments are focused on reducing fuel emission and promoting zero emission power. The boating industry will be encouraged and motivated  to evolve and fast track the electrification of  waterways, which is part of Vision Marine’s mission.

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Vision Marine Technologies, Inc., (NASDAQ: VMAR) strives to change and be a contributing factor in fighting the problem of waterway pollution by disrupting the boating industry with electric power, contributing to zero pollution, zero emission and a noiseless environment.

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