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Electrifying the Seas: Vision Marine Technologies Leads with Innovative E-Motion Powertrain

Revolutionizing Marine Propulsion with Sustainable Electric Solutions

Vision Marine Technologies has cemented its position as a leader in the marine propulsion industry through a series of significant milestones, all achieved through its innovative E-Motion Powertrain. This advanced electric propulsion system is not only revolutionizing the way we think about marine transportation but also setting new standards in sustainability and performance.

The journey of Vision Marine Technologies towards industry leadership is marked by key achievements:

Delivery to Groupe Beneteau’s Four Winns

A landmark event for Vision Marine was the delivery of the E-Motion electric powertrain to Groupe Beneteau’s Four Winns. This milestone is significant not only because it represents the first major delivery of its kind but also because it showcases the growing demand and trust in electric propulsion systems within the traditional boating industry. Read our press release here.

Integration Across Boat Platforms

Vision Marine Technologies has successfully integrated the E-Motion Powertrain across various boat platforms, including bowriders, pontoons, and center consoles. This versatility demonstrates the adaptability of their technology, making electric propulsion a viable option for a wide range of marine applications.

Second Purchase Order from Wired Pontoons

The receipt of a second purchase order for the E-Motion 180E electric propulsion system from Wired Pontoons further solidifies Vision Marine’s status in the market. This repeat business is a testament to the reliability and market acceptance of their innovative product.

World Speed Record

Adding to their list of accomplishments, Vision Marine Technologies, in collaboration with Shaun Torrente Racing, made history by setting a new speed record for the fastest electric boat, reaching an unprecedented 116 mph. This achievement not only highlights the incredible performance capabilities of the E-Motion Powertrain but also shatters preconceived notions about electric propulsion systems’ limitations.

The E-Motion 180E, the core product of Vision Marine Technologies, is a testament to their commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability. As detailed on their product page, this electric outboard motor is not just powerful and efficient but also exemplifies Vision Marine’s dedication to reducing carbon footprints and promoting cleaner waterways. With features like high torque, zero emissions, low maintenance, and noise-free operation, the E-Motion 180E is a game-changer in marine propulsion.

These milestones by Vision Marine Technologies are not merely individual achievements but collectively represent a significant shift in the marine industry towards sustainable and high-performance solutions. As they continue to break new ground, Vision Marine is not just leading the electric revolution in marine propulsion; they are redefining the future of boating.

Vision Marine Technologies


Vision Marine Technologies, renowned for its pioneering E-Motion Powertrain, leads the charge in the electric marine propulsion sector. With a focus on sustainability, innovation, and performance, Vision Marine is revolutionizing marine transportation, setting speed records, and driving the industry towards a cleaner, more efficient future.

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