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Tocaro Blue

Intelligent Vessel Monitoring

Tocaro Blue, a Florida based marine technology company, offers a complete intelligent vessel monitoring system with unmatched reliability, real-time analytics, telematics, and more. Backed by an expert research and development team, we aim to lead in the marine security, monitoring and tracking category of the marine electronics market. We are improving the relationship from boat owners to their boats, to stay connected, informed, and aware of their boat’s status, from anywhere in the world.

The Master Chief Monitoring System is a wireless, tech-advanced vessel monitoring system. Our system is software defined and not hardware limited. As new capabilities are developed new software will be upgraded to fielded systems (Bluetooth connectivity) allowing for new functionality (aka Tesla). It provides key data directly from your vessel to your phone, anywhere on the globe. Know where your boat is at all times. It can be configured to work with any size or style of vessel. Ideal for sports fishing boats, yachts, center console, and work and utility boats. It can be totally customized to meet your needs.

Our GPS system is built into the Gateway Data Hub, ensuring that you always know your boat’s location. Whether at the dock or under way, you have all the position information on your app. The app also allows you to monitor and manage maintenance issues, as well as all important connections and services. Each Tocaro Blue monitoring module can be custom-configured to fit your unique needs and pair wirelessly with the Gateway hub.

Our products are designed around innovative wireless Bluetooth 5G technology, which lets our signals pass through bulkheads wirelessly, without drilling holes. You’ll feel the construction difference in the thicker, more durable components that we have over-engineered. Our products are marine-tested, waterproof, and built to last the marine elements.

Our system offers years of dependable service delivering 24/7 peace of mind with several new sensors in development. Learn more about each of our specialized monitors and build a system that fits your vessel’s unique specifications.

Tocaro Blue


Tocaro Blue provides boat owners unrivaled peace of mind by offering the best intelligent vessel monitoring system available, while leading the security and monitoring segment of the boating industry by driving innovation and continuously outpacing our competition with better IoT applications, telematics, and data fusion.

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