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GEMLUX® New Cooler and Fish Box Drains

Valuable enhancement for your boats

We identified a need for new and improved cooler and fish box drains for boats, providing boat builders with a valuable solution to enhance their offerings and allowing their customers a better boating experience, making their trips more enjoyable and convenient.

The plug offers a more secure solution to prevent it from getting knocked out or lost. This plug provides the flexibility to drain the container at different rates, either by slightly loosening the plug for a slow drain or removing it entirely for faster drainage. This flexibility can cater to different preferences and situations. The low-profile mounting flange is an essential feature as it enables complete drainage. This ensures minimal residue or leftover slush water in the container, making cleanup more accessible and efficient. Our new fish box drain straight version can accept adapters ranging from 1″ to 2″ in straight, 45-degree, and 90-degree angles. This allows builders to customize a draining solution for their specific application instead of the current one-size-fits-all products in use today. It ensures efficient water flow in all of your applications.

Overall, this plug is a practical improvement over the conventional rubber stopper, making it easier to manage the contents of the container while ensuring that the cold slush water remains intact when needed. These new and improved cooler and fish box drain plugs address a common issue and enhance the boating experience by offering these features. Boat builders can integrate this innovative solution into their offerings, providing customers with a valuable enhancement for their boats.



An industry leader for over 60 years, Gemlux is an award-winning manufacturer of innovative, high-quality stainless steel fishing and boating hardware.

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