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GEMLUX® Bluewater Cup Holder

Say Goodbye to Rattle!

Are you tired of the annoying clatter of your beverage containers when running? Say hello to the Gemlux Bluewater Cup Holder.

Our stunning Bluewater Cup Holder is designed to accommodate all your customers’ favorite drinks, from Yeti to slim cans (no judgments here). Forget about the bothersome rattling, as our top-quality liner ensures a snug fit for your can. This cup holder has two options: one with an attached drain and another without, both featuring an injection-molded body with a rubber liner and a sleek 316 stainless steel face.

By pairing our Bluewater Cup Holders with our corresponding Bluewater Rod Holder line, you can achieve a cohesive look along your gunwale. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also empowers you to offer your customers a range of customization options, giving you a unique competitive advantage in the market. And let’s not forget to mention just how fantastic they look! Learn more at Gemlux.com.



An industry leader for over 60 years, Gemlux is an award-winning manufacturer of innovative, high-quality stainless steel fishing and boating hardware.

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