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Advanced Systems Group Introduces Attwood PowerBase Series – Industry’s First Truly Intelligent, Powered Light or Antenna Base

Safety, Accessibility, and Reliability without ever leaving your helm

Advanced Systems Group (ASG) is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the Attwood PowerBase Series – intelligent, powered fold-down light or antenna base. PowerBase easily stows and deploys lights and antennas with just a push of a button.

PowerBase is designed for seamless install and user experience and manufactured with industry leading equipment and quality. This state-of-the-art light and antenna base delivers intuitive control and advanced visual feedback right from the vessel’s control panel.

The full suite of Object Detection Technology provides a worry-free boating experience. With SafeGuard Breakaway action, PowerBase will safely return a light or antenna to the stowed position automatically. In the event of a blocked deployment, SmartDeploy Backdrive will sense the obstruction and reverse the light or antenna back to its starting position. Not only does PowerBase detect the hazard, but it also notifies the user with LED feedback right within the control panel. Once the hazard is cleared, the SmartDeploy technology intuitively disengages so the user can continue on their way.

PowerBase uses industry-standard mounting footprints and wiring paths to provide easy installation for boatbuilders and consumers alike. The intuitive user interface seamlessly integrates with existing dashboard configurations or with leading industry digital-switching setups. PowerBase is compatible with antennas up to 8 feet in length, or with any of Attwood’s industry leading LightArmor LED navigation lights. PowerBase allows for 180° range of motion, which allows for the users’ light or antenna to fold toward the boat’s stern or bow.

PowerBase is setting a new standard for accessibility and control, with the industry’s first truly intelligent, powered fold-down light or antenna base.

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Whether on water or on the road, delivering an optimal user experience is at the heart of ASG’s business. It’s why we are proud to be the world’s leading supplier of products and integrated systems to the marine, RV, and Specialty Vehicle industries. Our broad portfolio of market leading brands in power management, digital control & monitoring, and networked devices are distributed globally to a diverse aftermarket and OEM customer base. ASG is driven, every day, to be the world’s most trusted partner to the marine and mobile industries.

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