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GatorStep Pushes the Frontier of Non-Skid Design

GatorStep’s ability to customize its design process and to provide individualized, bespoke non-skid applications with efficiency is its core differentiator. Design is one of the most unique and fascinating parts of GatorStep manufacturing, and the whole process is completed entirely in its facility, from initial concept to final finish. GatorStep’s skid resistant decking solutions have grown to an impressive lineup, spanning from on-board accessories to fully customized decking. Lately, GatorStep has employed new laser technology that enables unique, multi-faceted patterns, importing new landscapes and textures to invoke a cutting-edge look and feel.

“We have learned to express logos in a pattern-like manner, burning them into the material and engraving other layers that intertwine with to make a rich pattern,” says Charlie Finch, Lead Designer at GatorStep. “I haven’t seen anyone else do it like this. We have mastered a “dual” design procedure in our decking and have a growing number of OEMs requesting it. It’s a distinctive technique that allows the artwork to repeat itself on the sheet. Then we cut the kit to create a cool overall design.”

Recent decked-out projects include a festive pontoon for the Margaritaville Resort and a dual console festooned with beach illustrations of palm trees, surfboards, and flip flops in brown-and-tan contrast with a sand texture overlay. GatorStep is uniquely able to produce these unique patterns in a short amount of time. As a result of its influx of talent and technology in research and design, and an upgrade to a larger facility, newly employed machines work quickly to experiment with and manufacture big concepts into final product.

“We don’t have to sit for hours waiting for a pattern to be produced or an idea played out,” Charlie adds. “We can let our imagination lead us to an outline, and final production happens in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes. Now we can fine-tune our process and not spend a week on something that really should only take a day.”

What may be next in the world of nonskid design and texture? GatorStep will be the first to explore this expanding frontier.

To learn more about GatorStep and its unique design capacities, visit www.gatorstep.com.

GatorStep LLC


About GatorStep LLC
Since 2014, GatorStep has been an innovative skid-resistant decking provider, offering flexible solutions for OEM and retail customers alike. GatorStep provides unique, adaptive application and collaborative design advantages, prioritizing fluidity in its manufacturing process to achieve lasting results. Based in Knoxville, TN, GatorStep distributes its USA-made products to clients internationally. For more information, visit www.gatorstep.com.

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