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Top 5 Reasons to Choose GatorStep

GatorStep decking can be adjusted and aligned without worrying about adhesion mistakes upon installation, providing a level of flexibility that sets it apart from the competition.

How is this done? One major factor is the quality control GatorStep uses to ensure all components are produced for ease of installation. All the parts and pieces will come out consistently, whether stock-produced or individually customized. “We have a high degree of confidence in terms of the output of the finished product,” says Jay Povlin, COO of GatorStep.

When shopping for any supplier, it is helpful to have a cheat sheet of the brand’s principal attributions and promises. It is easy to summarize GatorStep confidently with the following core attributes:

1. Convenience. Easy self-application is a key GatorStep differentiator. GatorStep has a proprietary process that allows end users latitude during installation with an adaptable adhesive.

2. Flexibility. A cadre of full-time designers at GatorStep can supply a full spectrum of needs, scaling easily between custom one-offs and full-scale production.

3. Design process. GatorStep manufactures from nose-to-tail in-house and has access to leading technologies that other suppliers must outsource. “It’s a matter of having the right people available and the brain power to incorporate long-term thinking into scaled design,” adds Jay. “We have the people and beneficial to the end user, from insulation to performance, adhesion, color resistance, UV protection, and beyond.”

4. No guesswork. GatorStep controls the process from CAD to delivery with a finished product that’s ready to install. Decking comes with numbered maps and instructions. “That thought process goes in on the front end before anything makes its way out of a computer and into a router to be cut,” adds Jay.

5. Robust customer service. GatorStep employs highly skilled technicians and naval architects who interact directly with boat builders, helping not only with flooring solutions, but all the things that may touch the flooring, to enable the manufacturer’s design process. “We are happy to engage and present some other ideas that we can share with them that help their business overall.”

For more information on the GatorStep brand promise, visit www.gatorstep.com.


Since 2014, GatorStep has been an innovative skid-resistant decking provider, offering flexible solutions for OEM and retail customers alike. GatorStep provides unique, adaptive application and collaborative design advantages, prioritizing fluidity in its manufacturing process to achieve lasting results. Based in Knoxville, TN, GatorStep distributes its USA-made products to clients internationally. For more information, visit www.gatorstep.com.

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