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The GatorStep Difference

Consumer preference has shifted away from snap-in carpet and traditional skid-resistant surfaces. Carpet is unmanageable, and let’s face it: stepping onto the plush deck of a clean, uniform cockpit is a better reward for the senses. That first embrace of a beautiful, soft GatorStep cockpit can be so gratifying. The rise in demand for this superior sensory experience – and for improved maintenance and cleanup efficiencies – make GatorStep decking an obvious choice for boaters. GatorStep goes beyond a fantastic first impression by ensuring satisfaction during installation and throughout the lifetime of its product.

How does GatorStep set itself apart from the competition? The answer is in its unique pressure-sensitive adhesive system. For a busy OEM with boats coming down the line, the adhesive benefits are game-changing.

Gator Step

GatorStep’s interlocking, adhesive-backed EVA/PE sheets work together like giant puzzle pieces around the cockpit. In most applications, once the sheets are adhered to the deck, they cannot be moved. In a Gatorstep application, however, the interlocking pieces can be adjusted within thirty minutes before they bond. If any sheets are out of place, they can be peeled up and placed into alignment.

“Our workable adhesive is a huge bonus not only for manufacturers but also for overall consumer satisfaction with delivery,” says Jay Povlin, COO of GatorStep. “We have total confidence that our product will pose no challenge during assembly. Not having to stop the line, peel up and destroy a misplaced part, or wait for a new part to come in, is a unique advantage that only GatorStep can ensure.”

With its specialized adhesive, GatorStep won’t recede or leave a shrink line around the boat when they bond. Other manufacturers’ adhesion methods can break down when the foam material contracts in cold weather. This will leave behind a ring of glue behind – an unwelcome circumstance for any boat.

Quality that Lasts

GatorStep’s lasting quality and flexible installation aren’t its only differentiators. GatorStep uses high-quality EVA/PE foam, not an EAP foam blend or filler. This top-quality raw material resists weathering, shock, vibration, swelling, and shrinkage over time. GatorStep uses a CNC milling process and powerful lasers to execute multilayered, highly detailed designs with a consistent look. Finer details, such as beveled or chamber edging (as opposed to vertical), lend longevity and a lustrous look and feel. From complex, one-off projects to large-scale output, GatorStep designs are unwavering in-depth and quality. Read more about GatorStep’s design process in our next article.

Ultimately, everything boils down to ease of use and product satisfaction. “That repositionability during the initial install is a unique differentiator,” adds Jay. “Even a totally inexperienced end-user can confidently install our sheets and not worry about messing up.” Just like that special something in its adhesive, GatorStep’s life-lasting bond with its OEM partners and customers prove out over time.

GatorStep LLC


Since 2014, GatorStep has been an innovative skid-resistant decking provider, offering flexible solutions for OEM and retail customers alike. Based in Knoxville, TN, GatorStep distributes its USA-made products to clients internationally. For more information, visit www.gatorstep.com.

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