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Vacuum Infusion – The Total Solution in Composites Manufacturing

With Aerovac Process Materials from Composites One

Over the past year, Composites One has led LIVE demos and webinars designed to help marine manufacturers learn how the Vacuum Infusion Process can help them build composites parts better, faster and with less waste.

What’s Vacuum Infusion?

“Put simply, it’s the process of injecting resin into a composite system to fill the laminate without the need for an oven or tooling,” said Marcy Offner, Director of Marketing Communications, Composites One. “What makes Vacuum Infusion a total solution for composites manufacturing is that the process is optimized for factors such as resin volume, flow rate, and proper air removal from the extremities of the part,” she added.

What’s more, there are virtually no emissions with Vacuum Infusion, making it one of the most environmentally friendly processes in today’s work environment. It’s ideal for manufacturing large parts for a variety of applications, including boat hulls and decks for the marine industry.

One of the most important criteria for achieving high quality parts through Vacuum Infusion is having the right process materials on hand. That’s where Composites One can help. “As the leading distributor of Aerovac Process Materials in North America, we can provide manufacturers with virtually everything they need,” said Offner.

Products include:
• Sealant tape
• Peel ply
• Release film
• Flow media
• Resin feeder lines
• Vacuum bagging films
• Vacuum lines and hoses
• Resin hoses

Each process material from Aerovac plays a key role in the Vacuum Infusion Process. Flow media, for example, helps control the even release of resin into the part. Also important are release films and peel plies, which enable easy removal during demolding and provide protection to tooling and end parts.

What’s more, Composites One is the founder of the Closed Mold Alliance, which includes Aerovac, Magnum Venus Products and RTM North, as well as many other composite suppliers. The Alliance is a group committed to helping manufacturers transition seamlessly to Vacuum Infusion and other closed mold and advanced processes.

For more information about Vacuum Infusion and other closed mold processes, please go to compositesone.com.

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North America’s leading distributor of composites materials, Composites One provides thousands of products from 700 of the industry’s top suppliers through the most knowledgeable technical sales, technical support, and customer service force in the industry. The company also offers closed mold technologies, process enhancement guidance, regulatory assistance and technical support.

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