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Imagine an online portal that gives you 24/7 access to the products, processes, knowledge and technical resources for achieving the best results for composites production. That’s the Composites One Digital Connection.

“Our Digital Connection gives manufacturers 24/7 access to two websites, nine social media sites and a microsite focused on closed molding,” said Marcy Offner, Director of Marketing Communications, Composites One. “With these online resources, manufacturers can see, hear and learn about advanced composites products and processes, ultimately enabling them to make better parts, faster and with less waste,” she added.

Start by visiting www.compositesone.com, where you can search for and learn about gel coats, core materials, glass and carbon fiber, and other advanced materials and equipment for building marine components for sport and recreational boats. You can also learn all about Aerovac Process Materials for vacuum infusion and prepreg processing, as well as find technical information on selecting the products that are best for your operation.

Want to see closed molding processes in action or learn about the latest products? Do a search for “videos,” and you’ll see links to LIVE demos of vacuum infusion and reusable bag molding presented by Composites One team members at workshops and other industry events. You’ll also find links to videos and product selection guides produced by Composites One’s supplier partners.

Also available on compositesone.com are technical articles covering a wide range of topics, such as how composites are changing the way companies make marine parts, along with case studies of Composites One team members helping marine customers overcome production issues.

From the compositesone.com Home Page, marine manufacturers can hyperlink to the website for Aerovac, our brand of high-quality vacuum bagging and process materials owned and distributed by Composites One. “By following Composites One and Aerovac on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, manufacturers can stay up-to-date on the latest developments in composites, find out about our upcoming workshops, watch webinars and more,” said Offner. “And don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel where videos of processes, past demonstrations, and Composites One informational videos are available.”

In addition to the websites and social media outlets is the Closed Molding Knowledge Center (https://www.compositesworld.com/kc/closed-molding). Created by Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance and hosted on CompositesWorld.com, the Knowledge Center is a “robust microsite where marine manufacturers can access virtually everything needed to make a successful transition to closed mold and advanced processes,” said Offner.

On the Knowledge Center, manufacturers can find out about the specific products needed for Vacuum Infusion, Reusable Bag Molding and Light Resin Transfer Molding (Light RTM), learn about the tooling required, get facts about advanced processing, and see videos of each process in use.

For more information about the Composites One Digital Connection, please visit www.compositesone and www.aerovac.com. For more information on Light RTM, Vacuum Infusion or Reusable Bag Molding, please go to the Closed Molding Knowledge Center: https://www.compositesworld.com/kc/closed-molding.

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North America’s leading distributor of composites materials, Composites One provides thousands of products from 700 of the industry’s top suppliers through the most knowledgeable technical sales, technical support, and customer service force in the industry. The company also offers closed mold technologies, process enhancement guidance, regulatory assistance and technical support.

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