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Technical Support Team Helps Customers Solve Problems Quickly

As the nation’s leading distributor of composites products, Composites One is dedicated to providing marine manufacturers with the widest range of advanced and traditional composites, equipment and processing supplies from more than 700 industry-leading suppliers.

“Our commitment to marine manufacturers goes far beyond products,” said Marcy Offner, Director, Marketing Communications, Composites One. “It means supporting customers with a dedicated team of Technical Support Managers who understand the complex challenges facing marine manufacturers today,” she added.

Regionally based, Composites One Technical Support Managers are adept in the latest composites process and product technologies.

Technical Support Managers work one-on-one with marine manufacturers, helping them with issues beyond what you’d expect from a composites distributor. Our Technical Team uses their knowledge and expertise to provide manufacturers with solutions best for their operation, as well as introduce them to new technologies that can result in better parts and greater productivity.

Should marine manufacturers need technical assistance or product support, they can connect with a Technical Support Manager, quickly and conveniently, through “Ask an Expert,” a free, online service at compositesone.com. Just go to www.compositesone.com/contact.

Technical Support Managers help ensure that customers get the answers they need when they need them. “And as the industry’s leading team of closed mold experts, we make it easy for marine manufacturers to consider processes that are more environmentally-friendly, offering a more pleasant workplace for shop employees,” said Offner.

When they’re not assisting customers, Technical Support Managers are sharing their knowledge with marine manufacturers at industry events such as IBEX. They also produce customer-focused workshops featuring new processes and product solutions. One of the most recent workshops was Space to Sea: Composites Are Changing the Way We Make Parts, which was presented by Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance, in partnership with IACMI-The Composites Institute, with support from Magnum Venus Products. They’ll be presenting similar events later this year.

Members of the Technical Support Team are looking forward to talking with marine manufacturers attending IBEX 2022 in Tampa, FL, September 27-29. If you’re visiting IBEX, please be sure to stop by Booth 3-939 to meet them.

For more information about the Composites One Technical Support Team, please go to https://www.compositesone.com/people/technical-support-team/. Or go to https://www.compositesone.com.

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North America’s leading distributor of composites materials, Composites One provides thousands of products from 700 of the industry’s top suppliers through the most knowledgeable technical sales, technical support, and customer service force in the industry. The company also offers closed mold technologies, process enhancement guidance, regulatory assistance and technical support.

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