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Kanberra™ The Original All Natural Air Purifier™

Air, Skin, and Surface Purification Products like no other in the World

Kanberra has over 25 years of experience in treating odors. Founded in 1993, Kanberra is based out of Buffalo, NY and prides itself on being the gold standard for all-natural cleaners and the original inventor of using Tea Tree Oil Airborne to clean, protect, and purify the air. What makes Kanberra different? Simple. Kanberra uses the purest Tea Tree Oil on the market and takes it airborne. No matter where your odor lives, Kanberra Gel, Spray, and Soap will stop odors naturally and keep them away 24/7.

Looking back over the last two years of uncertainty across the business world, Kanberra pauses to reflect and show gratitude. “We are proud to say that not a day went by when we had to shut our doors due to Covid,” said CEO and owner Joel Solly. Solly also mentions, “We’ve seen an increase in sales as the world becomes more aware of the importance of keeping a clean, healthy, and safe environment to live. It has been, without a doubt, a benefit to Kanberra to have an increase in outdoor activities, both in the marine and RV worlds.”

Fortunately, Kanberra was established as an essential company during the Covid shutdown due to their production of cleaning products, including their flagship product the Kanberra Gel. The Kanberra Gel first became popular in the marine industry. The key functionality is to protect HVAC components, marine equipment, mechanicals, and overall onboard cleanliness during winterization and maintaining that cleanliness year-round.

It may look easy now, but it took more than a decade of research and development, market testing, and refinement to be able to produce an all-natural line of air purification products. The full product line includes Kanberra Gel, Soap, Spray, Laundry Additive, Anti-Friction Creams, and a Hand Sanitizer Alternative. The products are water-based, with all-natural active ingredients, with the key ingredient and powerhouse a proprietary blend of premium Tea Tree Oils, certified by ATTIA (Australian Tea Tree Oil Institute Association).

Kanberra Gel, the original all-natural air purifier, is the most effective all-natural air purifier on the market today. Kanberra takes certified pure Tea Tree Oils and places them in a water-based gel to evaporate, thus becoming an airborne air cleaner.

Kanberra Soap, a botanic soap, is an all-natural cleanser enriched with Australian Tea Tree Oil and other essential oils for a gentle clean that leaves your skin soft, clean, and the air purified. Kanberra believes in keeping families healthy. It can be challenging to keep yourself and your home clean and fresh without being subjected to harmful chemicals. We know that clean air, surfaces, and bodies are fundamental aspects of living a healthy life. This is why we created Kanberra Premium Tea Tree Soap, a universal product that is extremely effective in cleansing the body, surfaces, and even the air – and not simply by masking odors. This soap has changed our lives and we hope you’ll let it change yours as well, allowing you to take a deep breath and relax.

Kanberra Spray is an instant odor remover that is great for cleaning surfaces and the air.

Common uses include: tents, RVs, camp gear, boats, shoes, clothes, fitness equipment, exercise gear, fishing gear, masks, backpacks, and more!

We will continue to value the importance of healthy living so when it comes to protecting your boat, RV, home, or office, Kanberra will have a product to keep you clean and safe.

Kanberra Group, LLC


For over 25 years, Kanberra has strived every day to put the power of All-Natural Pure Tea Tree Oil into as many products as we can, to help you stay clean and sanitized, naturally. Kanberra products were the first water-based, alcohol-free air purifiers and surface cleaners to use Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil certified by ATTIA and we continue to utilize that standard for all of our products. Versatile Kanberra products are chemical-free and safe around kids and pets, and can be used virtually anywhere mold, mildew and odors are a problem.

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