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Aerovac Composites One. Innovative. Dependable. Results.

Need help getting started with Vacuum Infusion? Maybe you’d like to see how kitting can speed up production.

One company offers the innovative, dependable solutions that marine manufacturers need. It’s Aerovac, a major manufacturer, supplier and developer of process materials and kitting services, with facilities in North America and Europe. Now part of Composites One, as well as the Closed Mold Alliance, Aerovac is sharing its wide range of solutions and technical expertise to help marine manufacturers build parts better, faster and more efficiently.

“The industry’s excitement about Aerovac has been amazing,” said Marcy Offner, Director, Marketing Communications, Composites One. That was especially evident during a recent trade show. At the event, technical experts from Aerovac joined Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance to lead live demos, such as producing a marine hard top through vacuum infusion, using kitting services to speed up production, and building tooling more efficiently.

One of the best ways to find out more about Aerovac’s expertise and process materials is by visiting the all-new Aerovac.com. “It’s a great resource of information for marine manufacturers, providing them with innovative, dependable solutions that deliver positive results for their closed molding, vacuum bagging and out-of-autoclave projects,” said Offner.

As one of the leading providers of process materials worldwide, Aerovac offers an extensive selection of bagging films, release films, breather fabrics, peel ply products, release fabrics and sealant tapes. Each of these product categories is covered in depth on the new website, allowing customers to explore the many options available and find those that are best for their application.

In addition to products and kitting solutions, Aerovac is known for the technical expertise of its team. As a member of the Closed Mold Alliance, the company plays a key role in educating marine manufacturers on product usage, specification requirements, and process technologies like vacuum infusion and advanced prepreg processing.

Marine manufacturers can purchase Aerovac process materials through the Composites One distribution network throughout North America, allowing them to order and receive products quickly and efficiently, while enjoying the value-added service that only Composites One can provide. Beyond North America are licensed distributors serving customers at a variety of locations worldwide.

To find out more about Aerovac Composites One, please go to www.aerovac.com or go to www.compositesone.com. And check back often, as more exciting features will be added in the weeks to come.

Aerovac Composites One


Aerovac Composites One is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality vacuum bagging and process materials. Owned by Composites One, North America’s leading distributor of composites, Aerovac is uniquely positioned to provide customers with next-gen product and supply chain innovations that are stored locally, priced competitively, delivered on-time, every time, and supported by more than 100 technical product experts worldwide.

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