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Fast-Track Production with Custom Process Material Kits

Only from Composites One and Aerovac. Innovative. Dependable. Results.

One way marine manufacturers can save time, money and effort is by taking advantage of innovative, dependable kitting solutions from Aerovac, a leading supplier of high-quality process materials for vacuum infusion.

“The benefits of custom process material kitting solutions are undeniable,” said Marcy Offner, Director, Marketing Communications, Composites One. “Marine manufacturers already take advantage of precut kits for core and fiberglass so adding process materials to the mix only make sense. Customers will not only save time, money and effort but also increase productivity, optimize work processes, gain manufacturing efficiencies, and improve overall part quality,” she added.

According to Offner, Aerovac Kitting Services have been shown to help manufacturers in markets like wind energy and aerospace reduce production time by more than 50% and reduce material waste by an average of 40%. Marine manufacturers can take advantage of these improvements as well.

Other measurable improvements achieved through kitting include:
• Greater process repeatability with quality and consistency
• Increased productivity
• Reduced material handling, improving employees’ safety and health
• Reduced cycle times, improving mold life
• Reduced part-to-part variation and improved bag consistency
• Standardized work processes
• Reduced operator dependency
• Simplified vacuum bagging process

Here’s how it works. Composites One and Aerovac Technical Support Team Members meet with the customer to identify their requirements and configure solutions to maximize their desired savings in time, cost and manual operator resources. Aerovac’s highly skilled engineers will then design complex, tailored kits containing everything manufacturers need – from precut consumables for simple, predetermined shapes and dimensions, to complex, multi-layer integrated vacuum bag assemblies.

“And the best part is marine manufacturers will work with their Composites One Technical Sales Rep to make it all happen,” added Offner.

The process doesn’t end there. Marine manufacturers are also welcome to attend workshops and webinars led by the Aerovac and Composites One Technical Support Team so they can learn more about product usage, specification requirements, and process technologies like vacuum infusion and advanced prepreg processing.

For more information about Aerovac Process Materials and Kitting Solutions please contact Composites One or visit https://www.compositesone.com/product/vacuum-consumables/

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Aerovac Composites One is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality vacuum bagging and process materials. Owned by Composites One, North America’s leading distributor of composites, Aerovac is uniquely positioned to provide customers with next-gen product and supply chain innovations that are stored locally, priced competitively, delivered on-time, every time, and supported by more than 100 technical product experts worldwide.

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