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Only at the Closed Molding Knowledge Center

Have you ever wondered which closed molding process would be right for your operation? Or wanted to get started but didn’t know how? Do you have questions but no one to contact for answers? Or maybe you’d like to watch videos of live demos showing closed molding processes in action?

You can do all this and more at the Closed Molding Knowledge Center. Created by Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance, and hosted on CompositesWorld.com, the Knowledge Center is a “single online site where marine manufacturers can access virtually everything needed to make a successful transition to closed molding processes,” said Marcy Offner, Director of Marketing Communications, Composites One.

Why make the switch to closed molding? “Because these processes offer productivity and environmental benefits that are not attainable through open molding,” added Offner.

They include:

  • Less waste and emissions for a cleaner, healthier environment
  • Lower material and disposal costs
  • A more consistent, repeatable process
  • Reduced cycle times, for greater productivity and lower labor costs

At the Knowledge Center, marine manufacturers will find in-depth information and videos on three closed mold processes:

  • Light Resin Transfer Molding (Light RTM) – A process in which an “A” side mold (base mold) and a semi-rigid “B” side mold (counter mold) are sealed together. Resin is drawn into the resulting cavity under vacuum.
  • Vacuum Infusion – The only process using atmospheric pressure to push the resin into the mold cavity. Process can be done with a one-sided mold with bagging film used for the “B” side, a two-sided mold, or a soft envelope type bag.
  • Reusable Bag Molding – A hybrid process offering key features of Light RTM and Vacuum Infusion. Most manufacturers use one of two methods: Closed Cavity Bag Molding (CCBM) or Silicone Bag Molding (SBM).

The Knowledge Center provides manufacturers with the opportunity to learn about specific products needed for each process, from process materials, catalyst and core materials, to equipment, reinforcements, mold releases and consumables, as well as the tooling requirements of each process.

And if there are any questions, the site makes it easy with the click of an “Ask an Expert” feature. Questions are answered promptly by Composites One Technical Support Managers with the expertise to assist marine manufacturers on proper techniques and best practices.

Once manufacturers have determined which process is best for them, Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance can provide additional assistance and follow-up training to optimize their work environment for a successful closed mold operation.

For more information about making a successful transition to Light RTM, Vacuum Infusion, or Reusable Bag Molding, please visit the Closed Molding Knowledge Center: https://www.compositesworld.com/kc/closed-molding.

The Closed Mold Alliance


The Closed Mold Alliance is comprised of four industry experts: founding member Composites One, North America’s leading composites distributor; Aerovac, a Composites One brand and the industry leader in process materials; Magnum Venus Products (MVP), an industry leader in injection equipment, and RTM North Technologies, a leading tooling expert. The Closed Mold Alliance provides the leadership, knowledge, training, and resources for the successful evolution of closed mold processes.

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