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Closed Mold Alliance Welcomes Aerovac Composites One

Closed Molding Products, Tooling and Training, All from a Single Source

The Closed Mold Alliance, a group of three industry experts dedicated to helping marine manufacturers build products better and faster, with less waste and emission, has added a major global supplier to its ranks.

It’s Aerovac, which was acquired by Composites One in 2021. “With the addition of Aerovac, the Alliance offers marine manufacturers access to a wider range of products for their closed molding projects than ever before, all from a single point of contact,” said Marcy Offner, Director, Marketing Communications, Composites One.

As a member of the Closed Mold Alliance, Aerovac joins Composites One, North America’s leading distributor of composites along with Magnum Venus Products (MVP), and RTM North Technologies. Together, these four industry experts provide marine manufacturers with everything they need – from innovative products and tooling, to knowledge, training and resources – to adopt and implement closed mold processes in their operations.

Operating from facilities in Europe, North and South America, Aerovac develops, manufactures, and supplies innovative process materials to the composites industry. Its wide range of vacuum bagging consumables, infusion materials, and reusable vacuum systems are used in prepreg processing, resin infusion, hand layup, filament winding, compression molding of thermoplastic composites, and glass lamination.

Among Aerovac’s products are bagging films, release films, breather fabrics, peel ply, release fabrics, sealant tapes, and other consumables that are critical for closed molding projects. These products are ideal for the marine market, as well as aerospace, wind energy, and other industries. Aerovac is also an industry leader in custom kitting solutions allowing manufacturers to reduce material waste and lower costs while increasing productivity. Custom kits reduce the need for manpower in assembly-line stock and storage, as well as in materials handling, offering added health and safety benefits for manufacturing workers.

Marine manufacturers are now learning more about Aerovac at live demonstrations hosted by the Closed Mold Alliance at major trade shows and other industry events. Among these events were manufacturers workshops and a live demonstration featuring disposable bag vacuum infusion held last fall, shown in the video below. Similar events are planned for 2022.

For more information about the Closed Mold Alliance, please visit the Closed Molding Knowledge Center at https://www.compositesworld.com/kc/closed-molding.

For more information about Aerovac, please visit our brand-new website, www.aerovac.com. Or go to www.compositesone.com.

The Closed Mold Alliance


The Closed Mold Alliance is comprised of four industry experts: founding member Composites One, North America’s leading composites distributor; Aerovac, the industry leader in process materials; along with Magnum Venus Products (MVP), and RTM North Technologies. The Closed Mold Alliance provides the leadership, knowledge, training, and resources for the successful evolution of closed mold processes.

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