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Advanced Composites Solutions for Challenging Marine Applications

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Do you want to streamline production and improve part quality but don’t know where to start? Or are you facing a challenging application that can’t be solved with traditional composites materials?

All you have to do is contact Composites One.

As North America’s leading provider of solutions for advanced composites manufacturers, Composites One can help with whatever you need. “With the broadest portfolio of advanced raw materials plus experts adept at challenging applications, we’re uniquely capable of providing comprehensive solutions that can help marine manufacturers overcome the challenges they face,” said Marcy Offner, Director of Marketing Communications, Composites One.

This broad portfolio covers a wide range of products, from advanced fibers and high-performance thermoset and thermoplastic systems, to prepregs, specialty core materials, ancillary products, and more. Many of these products are readily available through Composites One’s network of over 39 stocking centers throughout the U.S. and Canada, along with local deliveries through the company’s own fleet of trucks, plus local service and storage for reduced lead times.

Supporting customers with their use of these products is the Advanced Composites Team – technical experts with real-world experience using the high-performance products offered by Composites One. On the team are Advanced Composites Product Managers specializing in epoxy resin, prepreg, carbon fiber, high performance core, and other advanced composites solutions, as well as Advanced Composites Sales Specialists geographically positioned to address customers’ needs wherever they’re located.

Composites One’s Advanced Composites Team has helped marine customers incorporate closed molding and advanced processing to streamline manufacturing and improve part quality. They’ve also helped them take advantage of knitted glass fabrics, new core materials, vinyl ester resin and other developments that can enhance product quality and improve manufacturing processes.

“We’re also working with marine manufacturers interested in using advanced composites such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, prepreg and epoxy resins, which provide structural, design and performance advantages over traditional composite products,” said Offner.

This is just the start. With new product developments and applications on the rise, Composites One’s Advanced Composites Team is looking forward to helping the marine industry overcome whatever complex challenges they face, now and in the future.

To find out what the Advanced Composites Team can do for you, please go to www.compositesone.com.

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North America’s leading distributor of composites materials, Composites One provides thousands of products from 700 of the industry’s top suppliers through the most knowledgeable technical sales, technical support, and customer service force in the industry. The company also offers closed mold technologies, process enhancement guidance, regulatory assistance and technical support.

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