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Meet Composites One and Aerovac at IBEX in October

Talk to Vacuum Infusion and Process Material Experts at IBEX Booth 3-939

Want to find out how closed molding technologies such as the vacuum infusion process (VIP) can help you can reduce waste, emissions, material costs, and cycle times, and achieve a more consistent, repeatable process for composites parts production?

Find out at Booth 3-939 during IBEX 2023 in Tampa, FL, October 3-5. That’s where you can talk to vacuum infusion and process material experts from Composites One, North America’s leading supplier of composites materials, including Aerovac Process Materials and Kitting Services.

Aerovac manufactures and supplies a variety of materials that allow manufacturers to take full advantage of the benefits of vacuum infusion. Owned by Composites One, Aerovac Process Materials are ideal for producing composites parts in a wide range of industries, from marine and aerospace, to automotive, wind energy and other sectors.

High-quality process materials from Aerovac include:
• Bagging films that provide an airtight cover over the laminate stack. A robust bagging film offers toughness and features like humidity resistance to achieve maximum vacuum integrity.
• Release films to keep flow media and resin feed lines from sticking to the composite part following cure.
• Breather fabrics that ensure a clear pathway for volatiles to escape during vacuum infusion.
• Peel ply allowing vacuum consumables to be removed after the laminate has cured.
• Sealant tape that adheres vacuum film to the mold. A solid seal allows for low void content and high vacuum integrity.

What’s more, these materials are available in standard roll, slit widths, and cut to shape formats, and are easily customizable to meet unique manufacturing requirements.

Helping to ensure that manufacturers have the right materials for the job are the technical experts at Composites One, along with support from Aerovac. They can work with you on selecting the right process, equipment, and materials for your specific manufacturing job and troubleshoot any issues that may occur. They can also help you increase production efficiency by purchasing vacuum bagging consumables in kit form through Aerovac’s innovative kitting service.

Aerovac is also part of the Closed Mold Alliance. Founded by Composites One, the Alliance is a coalition of four industry experts who can provide marine manufacturers with everything they need – from innovative products and tooling, to knowledge, training, and resources – to adopt and implement vacuum infusion and other closed mold processes in their operations.

With high-quality process materials from Aerovac, backed by the expertise of Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance, marine manufacturers can achieve the benefits of vacuum infusion, from reducing waste and material costs, to producing consistent, high-quality composites parts.

Composites One and Aerovac Team Members will be on hand throughout IBEX to answer marine manufacturers’ questions about vacuum infusion and process materials, as well as guide them in making a seamless transition to closed molding. To find out more, please visit Booth 3-939 during IBEX 2023 in Tampa, FL, October 3 – 5. Or go to www.compositesone.com.

Composites One


North America’s leading distributor of composites materials, Composites One provides thousands of products from 700 of the industry’s top suppliers through the most knowledgeable technical sales, technical support, and customer service force in the industry. The company also offers closed mold technologies, process enhancement guidance, regulatory assistance and technical support.

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