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30th Anniversary Interview with ITW Performance Polymers

News Date: August 24, 2021

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ITW Performance Polymers is part of ITW’s Polymers & Fluids segment, one of the seven business segments forming ITW, a Fortune 200 Company. ITW Polymers & Fluids is composed of highly branded products serving diverse markets that require value-added, differentiated solutions. Their product offerings include adhesives, sealants, coatings, lubricants, additives, and cleaners for global wind energy, automotive aftermarket, aerospace, marine, construction, industrial, and automotive customers with unique needs. We recently connected with Product Manager, Brad Williams about IBEX’s 30th anniversary and ITW Performance Polymers’ product developments and new technologies.

What significant product developments have you made over the last 30 years?

We continuously develop products and materials to meet market demands, but over the last 30 years, we have had several major developments with regards to new products/technologies:

  • Low exotherm adhesives
  • High UV resistant adhesives
  • Pumpable radius compounds
  • Dependable and consistent tooling materials

As a pioneer and leader of manufacturing of sprayable syntactic materials and sprayable coatings, we have a wide portfolio of customers in the recreational marine market.

What changes has your company experienced in the last 30 years?

We’ve accomplished a lot in the last 30 years. ITW Performance Polymers has maintained the integrity of its brands while striving to offer product improvements that meet the ever-changing needs of customers. We move our brands through a life cycle demanding that the product scale with the market. As a result of our focus and that scaling, our company has shifted to include new brands, new products, and new industries where our technologies can be used.

In the past three decades, several changes have occurred:

  • We acquired the SprayCore® line of syntactic products.
  • Plexus® structural adhesives developed for the recreational marine market.
  • We acquired the Magnum Venus line of resins and merged into the SprayCore portfolio.
  • Development of vinylester filled barrier coats.
  • Development of wood replacement with sprayable syntactic core material.
  • Development of polyester bonding putties and radius compounds.
  • Development of tooling resins.

What effect has IBEX had on your business?

It’s established us as a premier supplier in the marine industry. We’ve had the opportunity to showcase our company in an intentional and deliberate way. As a market leader, it’s been important to foster communications and good relationships with customers, distributors and partners – we’re extremely grateful for our history with IBEX.

Do you remember your first ever IBEX Show?

One of the primary remembrances of the first IBEX show our team can recall is the vast amount of technical trade knowledge found. Emerging leaders got their start at the show and it’s been a staple for us in fostering growth in the boating industry ever since.

Is there anyone on your team or in ownership that has been with the company for 30 years?

Several people at ITW Performance Polymers have remained with the company for 30 years. They have dedicated their careers to doing work that really matters and invested a lot of time and energy in supporting the team. We do have a Regional Salesman and Project Manager who have been with the team over 30 years and a New Business Development Manager who has been with the team 21 years.

What are you looking forward to at IBEX 2021?

In addition to providing new business opportunities to our partners, colleagues and potential customers, our goals are to increase our Plexus® and SprayCore brand awareness, to network with our manufacturing peers and to continue learning about the changes taking place in the recreational marine industry.




ITW Performance Polymers is a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of structural and semi-structural adhesives, grouting and chocking compounds, sprayable syntactic materials and wear-resistant coatings and repair compounds. Our products are designed to reduce customers’ costs by eliminating steps in their manufacturing processes, reducing the number of parts in an assembly or improving the quality of assembled finished goods.



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