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2023 IBEX Innovation Award Interview with PowerTech! Propellers

Going Organic with Seascour Marine Descaler

It’s not all that difficult to make a descaling solution. As you may remember from high school chemistry, concentrated hydrochloric or nitric acid can dissolve an eggshell (which is made up primarily of calcium carbonate) in minutes. However, the calcium carbonate coating in your heat exchanger is also the same stuff that crustaceans and mollusks use to build their shells. Therein lies the problem. How do you keep your raw water systems calcium-free without introducing harmful chemicals into an already acidified ocean? Enter Seascour, the first and only USDA-certified organic marine scale remover.

An Organic Descaler?

Like other commercially available descalers, Seascour is acidic; however, the acid in Seascour naturally occurs in marine plants and animals. In fact, it’s USDA BioPreferred certified at 97% organic. As a result, its ingredients are approved by the EPA for disposal in the marine environment. That means you can pour it right off the side of your boat at the end of the day without being selfish towards the shellfish (or getting slapped with a fine from the EPA).

Some people might approach an organic descaler the way they would a plant-based turkey, which is to say not at all. But Seascour really does pack a punch.

Crustaceans aren’t the only ones who get to reap the rewards of Seascour’s formulation – the people working with it do too. It’s noncorrosive and doesn’t produce any VOAs or VOCs, meaning it’s safe to use in confined spaces.

Q & A with PowerTech! Propellers

What problem was Seascour designed to solve?

Seascour was designed to dissolve calcium deposits on surfaces, but particularly in cooling passageways, pipes, and other locations that are difficult to access.

Who is the target market for Seascour?

Boat owners and shipyards.

Who is currently using Seascour? What feedback have you received?

The US Coast Guard, military ships, yacht intercoolers, outboard cooling channels, and inland mollusk removal stations. The feedback has been quite good. Generally speaking, the worse the problem, the better our performance value.

Why makes Seascour more environmentally friendly than other descalers/barnacle removers on the market?

Most of the barnacle removers use a heavy dose of acid. Most DIY systems are the same. Phosphoric acid and muriatic acid are two of the more common acids. Seascour uses an almost pure organic chemistry. It doesn’t give off a powerful odor nor instantly attack your skin. If you are familiar with algae bloom, people using phosphoric acid to clean their boat in a marina, are helping to contribute to this problem through phosphate release. One customer gave an anecdotal story about a marina in the Keys that couldn’t figure out why they had an algae bloom issue when they weren’t around farms, golf courses, etc. It makes sense that you can introduce these chemicals via surface use, the product is going directly into the marine ecosystem.

Is Seascour just as effective as these less eco-conscious options?

Yes, it is very effective and it does so without damaging metal, plastic, or rubber components. If you watch how quickly it dissolves a seashell, you get a good idea of the power of the product.

What impact do you see Seascour having on the boating industry?

I believe it will improve boaters’ environmental impact while also extending the life of expensive marine engines and parts.

The IBEX Innovation Awards showcase outstanding marine product development to the recreational boating industry and beyond. The program, managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and judged by Boating Writers International (BWI), is one of the marine industry’s most prestigious honors recognizing manufacturers and suppliers who bring new, innovative products to market.

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