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2023 IBEX Innovation Award Interview with Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl

Infinity Grip

Trowels, spreaders, big bucket of glue: glue on your fingers, glue on your shoes. And sprayed adhesive poses its own challenges. Anyone who’s installed outdoor flooring, whether on boats, patios, or decks, surely knows that mess. The people behind Infinity Woven Products LLC know it, too, as well as they know the time and cost of the labor it takes to install their vinyl-backed flooring for cockpit and cabin soles and headliners.

Since 2008 the company has delivered UV-stable, mildew-resistant woven fabrics for heavy-traffic outdoor use. With its new Infinity Grip self-adhesive backing, the IBEX Innovation Award judges believe it has now changed the installation game.

Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl

What problem was Infinity Grip designed to solve?

Infinity Grip was developed to tackle two of the most common issues encountered when using adhesives. Firstly, the cumbersome application process and extended curing time associated with typical adhesives. Such adhesives are usually applied through spraying or painting on the desired surface. This requires a thorough approach by the applicator to ensure an even coating without clumping or dripping off the substrate. The adhesive then needs time to cure before any additional assembly work can proceed, thereby stalling the process. The second challenge Infinity Grip resolves is the permanence of the bond between the decking and flooring. Unlike traditional adhesives, the backing of Infinity Grip is easily removable and will not harm the decking when it’s time for a change. It can be conveniently eliminated with mineral spirits or acetone without destroying the underlying marine-grade plywood or composite board.

Who is the target market for Infinity Grip?

Infinity Grip is a versatile marine application that can be applied to walls, floors, and ceilings. Whether you’re outfitting the interior of a yacht or laying high-use flooring for a pontoon boat, Infinity Grip has got you covered.

Who is currently using Infinity Grip? What feedback have you received?

Before being added to a manufacturer’s upcoming product line, any new product must undergo rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure long-term durability. In the case of Infinity Grip, numerous boat manufacturers are currently conducting these tests to ensure its quality. Once the testing process has been successfully completed, the manufacturers will incorporate Infinity Grip into their product line.

What kind of boats is Infinity Grip being used on? How has it changed the boatbuilding process?

The Infinity Grip undergoes a complete battery of testing with pontoon manufacturers as its first users.

What obstacles arose during the R&D process?

In the course of creating the Infinity Grip, various adhesives were experimented with in order to find the one that would successfully bond with the range of different substrates. The primary challenge was discovering an adhesive that would not be affected by UV rays, freshwater, saltwater, or normal wear and tear on the floor. Overcoming this obstacle was essential to achieving the desired result.

What impact do you see Infinity Grip having on the boating building industry?

Infinity Grip has revolutionized the boatbuilding and marine enthusiast industry. Boatbuilders can now utilize a hassle-free product that eliminates the mess, toxic VOCs, and extended curing time that traditional adhesives require. As for marine enthusiasts, they now have the freedom to easily swap out their boat flooring as trends change, thanks to the convenience of Infinity Grip.

What plans are in place for the future of Infinity Grip?

Infinity continuously strives to revolutionize the marine industry by exploring novel avenues of innovation. Our pioneering approach saw us introduce the first-ever woven fabric flooring in the market. Moving forward, we aim to present a ground-breaking product that not only satisfies the sustainability demands of socially and ecologically conscious enthusiasts but also promises a compelling sustainability narrative. Expect to see this innovative offering gain traction amongst boatbuilders in the coming years.

The IBEX Innovation Awards showcase outstanding marine product development to the recreational boating industry and beyond. The program, managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and judged by Boating Writers International (BWI), is one of the marine industry’s most prestigious honors recognizing manufacturers and suppliers who bring new, innovative products to market.

Infinity Grip


Founded on the principles of sustainability, innovation, and client education, Infinity continues to change the status quo. Our Luxury Woven Vinyl flooring features a unique, heavy-traffic-rated vinyl backing that is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, so it goes where you go.

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