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2023 IBEX Innovation Award Interview with Garmin

Crisp Resolution, Fast Processing, and a 27-inch Screen are the Hallmarks of Garmin’s GPSMAP 9227 Display

The trend is inexorable. More and more of the functioning of our boats happens through electronic screens—from mission-critical navigation and systems monitoring to the latest onboard entertainment from Hollywood. The marine industry’s drive to deliver ever larger, ever-crisper weatherproof displays to our helm stations is an arm’s race many years in the making.

With the introduction of its new 9000-series display at IBEX 2023, Garmin now sets the pace.

Garmin GPS 9227

What problem was the GPSMAP 9227 designed to solve?

The GPSMAP 9000 series builds on Garmin’s flagship GPSMAP 8600 series, which was announced more than seven years ago—and before that, the GPSMAP 8000 series, which was introduced 11 years ago. The technology for chartplotters, networking, and accessories has come a long way in that time. The GPSMAP 9000 series introduces a lot of firsts, including a 4K resolution and Garmin’s BluetNet gigabit network, designed to fulfill the needs of our customers now and into the future. Not only is the GPSMAP 9227 the largest touchscreen chartplotter on the market today at 27 inches, but the series is also the first to offer the ability to distribute protected video content across the network, as well. That makes it possible to stream and watch movies on any display on the boat.

Who is the target market for GPSMAP 9227?

Our target market for the GPSMAP 9000 series is boaters and captains who demand the very best out of their system. With unrivaled sizes, resolution, speed, and capabilities, the GPSMAP 9000 series can handle the most complex systems—all without sacrificing performance.

Who is currently using GPSMAP 9227? What feedback have you received?

Boaters and a growing number of OEMs have installed the GPSMAP 9000 series since it debuted last September. The OEMs include Nor-Tech, Pursuit, Sportsman, Everglades, Midnight Express, Valhalla, Regal, and Yellowfin. Garmin is known for ease-of-use, design, and integration. Customers laud the GPSMAP 9000 series for that and more, including its extremely fast processing speeds.

How does the GPSMAP 9227 fit into Garmin’s integrated system of electronics?

As today’s systems get more complex, the GPSMAP 9000 series has the horsepower to easily manage anything a user puts on the system. Integration is not only critical for today’s customers, but it is also the expectation. They want everything to work seamlessly throughout the boat. With Garmin’s ecosystem, we can give users everything they need with a cutting-edge MFD that works as central command for the vessel.

What obstacles arose during the R&D process?

Obviously designing displays as large as 27 inches presents some challenges, but nothing that was insurmountable for our team.

Why will customers choose the GPSMAP 9227 over an array of smaller screens?

The GPSMAP 9000 series can be mounted flat or flush to deliver a seamless and modern look with a maximized glass design that can easily serve as the only display needed at the helm. At 27 inches, the GPSMAP 9227 is the industry’s largest integrated touchscreen chartplotter which offers easy and expansive integration and access to everything on the boat. Consider even a 4-way split on the GPSMAP 9227. Each window is larger than a normal 12-inch chartplotter screen. That means that a single 27-inch chartplotter can display as much information as four 12-inch chartplotters.

Is the GPSMAP 9227 indicative of any chartplotter trends?

The GPSMAP 9000 series is bigger, sharper, and smarter than any chartplotter series before it, all trends that customers are demanding of their electronics more and more—on the boat and beyond.

The IBEX Innovation Awards showcase outstanding marine product development to the recreational boating industry and beyond. The program, managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and judged by Boating Writers International (BWI), is one of the marine industry’s most prestigious honors recognizing manufacturers and suppliers who bring new, innovative products to market.



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