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2022 IBEX Innovation Award Interview with PYI

News Date: May 31, 2023

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New in 2022

Revolve Boathook by PYI

Revolve by PYI is the world’s first rollable boat hook. In its stored position, it takes up the same amount of space as a coffee mug and weighs about the same at just under 1 lb. With the flick of your wrist, the utility pole rolls into action, and seconds later, the hook is attached and completely ready for use.

What problem does this product solve?
The Revolve offers traditional boathook utility in marine sectors that were previously inaccessible. Small boat owners and often don’t want to carry a large boathook as they are seen as a nuisance and often tripped over when not in use. Revolve is the solution to this problem, offering the functionality of a full size boathook in a small, stowable package.

How did you become aware of this problem?
Having a boathook within hand reach has been a necessary tool on all the boats I have worked on. They have also been tripped over more times than I can count, which is why they were often left behind on smaller vessels. When Revolve was invented, it seemed like a no-brainer to supply these confined areas with such an important tool.


Who is the target market for this product?
Revolve mainly targets the boat under 30’ with limited deck storage. It can be implemented in a variety of vessels including sport fishing boats, dinghies, life rafts, jet skis, and even seaplanes.


What is noteworthy about the technology used?
The patented technology used in Revolve was originally founded for quickly deployed, lightweight military structures and on the Space Station for solar booms. We realized it could serve the same useful purpose on the water.


How is it different from any other solution on the market?
It is the only rollable rigid structure system currently available. Offering full size functionality in coffee mug size stowability.

What obstacles did you encounter in the R&D process?
We are still in the beginning stages with the boathook, but eventually intend to introduce the product to the civilian marine industry. Revolve couldn’t have found a better partner than PYI for ongoing product development and improvement.


How has the product been received?
Revolve has been very well recieved in the marketplace and turns out to be a very entertaining product to demonstrate at trade shows, especially to the couple who wave you off as if they are not interested. As soon as you flick your wrist, deploying the pole, they smile and turn around to hear you out. Everyone but the occasional traditionalist appreciates the product’s purpose.


Additional comments (anything else we should know?)
This is just the start! More to come!

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2022 Innovation Award Winner

Category: Safety Equipment

Judge Phil Gutowski said, “Deploy your boat hook like a lightsaber! This fun accessory was genuinely inspired by technology from the space industry.”



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