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2022 IBEX Innovation Award Interview with Kenyon International Inc.

News Date: April 2023

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VDC Grill

The Kenyon VDC Grill is the world’s first and only 48V battery-operated electric grill. This patent pending grill combines industry leading IntelliKEN Touch control technology with the efficiency of 48V DC power. The Kenyon VDC Grill packs plenty of cooking space for family-sized meals all while minimizing power consumption.

What problem does this product solve?
The marine industry (and transportation in general) is moving towards 48VDC and the higher 48V batteries in the Kenyon VDC Grill help solve many issues with the demand required for high current accessories and options. The Kenyon VDC Grill will eliminate the need for propane, charcoal, or any open flame grill, while supplying a safe, sustainable product with high even heat, easy clean up, and the best grilled food you have ever tasted.

How did you become aware of this problem?
Kenyon started receiving requests for 48VDC products a couple of years ago, from several different industries. We decided to move ahead with the project after a major OEM made a commitment.

Who is the target market for this product?
Our target market is just about anything that floats, but specifically boats without generators that have to use inverters or gas/charcoal grills.

What is noteworthy about the technology used?
The Kenyon VDC Grill has several patent pending features. The IntelliKEN control keypad allows for highly efficient energy use by allowing the user to select the perfect grilling temperature, in fahrenheit of celsius, and maintain it within 10 degrees! There is also a built in timer to ensure that you never overcook your perfectly grilled food.

How is it different from any other solution on the market?
The Kenyon VDC Grill is the first and only 48V battery operated grill in the world!

What obstacles did you encounter in the R&D process?
Kenyon had already achieved broad market acceptance as the leader in marine grills and cooktops. We were able to leverage our existing patented technology, make the modifications, and incorporate the additional solid state components for 48VDC operation. Supply chain issues have been, and continue to be, the only difficulty.

What customizations are available to personalize this product?
The Kenyon VDC Grill is offered in several models.

Kenyon VDC-SV (Small Vessel) Grill is a portable grill with a built-in socket designed to fit on the standard table post commonly found on deck boats, pontoon boats, day boats and pocket cruisers.

Kenyon VDC Portable Grill can be taken and used anywhere.

Kenyon VDC Built-In Grill is designed to be flush mounted in any countertop.

All Kenyon VDC grills come standard with a coated drip tray, and have a choice of lids.
Popular options include griddle, utensils, and cover.

How has the product been received?
Response has been tremendous and we have already received orders from several OEM’s!

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Kenyon is an American manufacturer that has established itself as the preeminent marine cooking appliance manufacturer throughout the world by taking an innovative and sustainable approach to how onboard cooktops and grills should perform. With numerous patented designs and unparalleled customer service focus, Kenyon is the choice for premium on board cooking.

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2022 Innovation Award Winner

Category: Furnishings and Interior Parts

Judge Ed Sherman, said, “As an advocate for higher voltage DC systems on boats due to the enhanced efficiency these systems provide, I applaud Kenyon for introducing their 48-volt grill to the industry. Get the LP gas off the boat!”



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