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2021 IBEX Innovation Award Interview with LilliPad Marine

News Date: May 18, 2022

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Ghost Mount

With innovative hardware that adapts to wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and metal substrate applications, the Ghost Mount by LilliPad Marine packs incredible strength into an easy-to-install, low-profile accessory mount that’s virtually invisible when added to the deck of a boat.

Ghost Mount

What problem does this product solve?
The low profile of the Ghost Mount system and its incredible strength allows the mounts to be installed almost anywhere on a boat without creating an obstruction. Also, Ghost Mounts can be used throughout all boating segments.

How did you become aware of this problem?
“LilliPad began working on the Ghost Mount to create a clean and classy mounting system for our diving board,” says Corey Schaub of LilliPad. “As our team worked on it and also spent time boating, we realized we could use the Ghost Mount for all kinds of applications.”

Ghost Mount can be added to numerous accessories including a grill post, a flag-pole, a cooler tie-down system, a floating water-mat tie down, and the LilliPad removable boarding ladder handle. It can even be used to secure wheelchairs aboard.

What audience is this product designed to reach?
The Ghost Mount system is so versatile that it can be used in multiple applications and in all boating segments including deck boats, center consoles, pontoons and more.

What is noteworthy about the technology used?
There are multiple differentiating features of the Ghost Mount. It’s smaller than a quarter and makes a clean install. It fits flush so it can be mounted anywhere without creating an obstruction or tripping hazard. It’s strong because it uses the wall strength of the flooring surface and it’s secured from the back with a controlled compression system that locks at ¾ of an inch and doesn’t crush the flooring surface. (It has been tested to over 1,000 pounds of straight pulling force in marine grade plywood flooring with minimal deflection.) Ghost Mount can be used for single or multipoint mounting applications and it’s designed with both an internal and external fastening system to facilitate the installation process on all types of flooring (wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber, composite, etc.)

Ghost Mount

How is it different from any other solution on the market?
Accessory mounting options for boats are plentiful but none pack the holding power of the Ghost Mount in a small and clean system that is thoughtfully designed for easy installation on any style of boat.

What obstacles did you encounter in the R&D process?
“The R&D process was smooth,” adds Schaub. “We added internal threading from the bottom for through-bolt applications after the first round of testing, but other than that, we didn’t need to make many changes from the initial design.”

What customizations can be enabled to personalize this product?
The Ghost Mount system is designed to remain simple – personalization really comes with the endless list of accessories that can be mounted using this one solution.

How has the product been received?
The Ghost Mount system will be used by several boatbuilders for the 2023 model-year boats. Boatbuilders are looking for low-cost ways to make their boats stand out from the competition. Dealers are eager to present added options to enhance their customers’ boating experience with less install time and hassle. Ghost Mounts solve both problems and ultimately enable consumers to personalize their boats to fit their lifestyles.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
LilliPad Marine is an award-winning manufacturer of marine products that seamlessly blends eye-catching design with superior performance.

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LilliPad Marine is an award-winning manufacturer of marine products that seamlessly blend eye-catching design with superior performance through exceptional marine innovation.

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2021 Innovation Award Winner

Category: Deck Equipment and Hardware

“Nearly invisible yet unbelievably strong, this versatile floor-mounting system is a true game-changer for both builders and consumers,” noted judge Brady Kay.




Ghost Mount Innovation Award Press Release
What Makes the Ghost Mount Innovative

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