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2020 IBEX Innovation Awards Interview with Sea-Dog Line

Hose Klip

The Hose Klip™ is a water hose lock for deck fills. It snaps over any standard hose and the compression fitting holds the hose in place for hands free operation, which stops the hose from popping out of the deck fill during filling. Fits almost all 1-1/2” water deck fills.

Hose Klip

What problem does this product solve?

Normally when filling your water tank, because of the higher water pressure at marina docks, one had to hold the hose to keep it from flying out the entire time the tank was filling. The Hose Klip snaps onto the hose and holds it in place while the tank fills up.

How did you become aware of the problem this product solves?

We were contacted by the inventors and once they told us of their idea, we all immediately saw the needed benefit of the Hose Klip.

What was the product development process?

The development process was pretty straightforward. After working out a mutually beneficial agreement, we took their original and made a few relatively minor adjustments to make the part as effective as possible. The only things that were of significance were the design of the tooling to ensure maximum efficiency in the manufacturing process and the choosing of the best material.

Were there any notable personal on this project?

Billy Gray, inventor, and his business partner Allen Chance had the original idea/design, and Mark Barnhart, our technical services manager did the minor modifications and created the final drawings. Read more about Billy Gray and his latest projects.

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Sea-Dog Line


Sea-Dog is a long established company that has been in the business of providing marine accessories for almost 100 years and continues to be an industry leader in this category today. We provide high quality products and services to marine distributors and OEM’s all over the U.S. and Canada.

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2020 Innovation Award Winner

Category: Boat Care and Maintenance
“A clever, inexpensive fix to an annoying problem,” said Ben Stein.




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