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The Carbon Conundrum

This Special Seminar was recorded on-site at IBEX 2023.

When it comes to fossil fuel consumption, today’s thriving boatbuilding industry is best defined by two extremes: At one end of the spectrum, designers and engineers load today’s production center consoles with five or six outboards of 12 cylinders each to indulge a market hungry for horsepower; at the other, teams of investment-fueled innovators push the potential of electric propulsion and hydrogen fuel by building clean-lined, lightweight, carbon fiber, foiling prototypes that promise sustainable if not thrilling performance. Our likely future lies somewhere in between, but to reach it boat designers, builders, and buyers will need to reconcile those divergent realities. Undoubtedly there will be successes and casualties along the way.

The Carbon Conundrum (Part 1)

Moderators Aaron Porter (Professional BoatBuilder magazine) and Tim Murphy (ABYC) introduce a panel of naval architects, propulsion engineers, boatbuilders, and manufacturers to debate the virtues, practicalities and shortcomings of a low-carbon future. Jeff Wasil (NMMA) kicks off the conversation by addressing the negative perceptions of recreational boating, current emissions data, and how there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

The Carbon Conundrum (Part 2)

Martin Peters (Yamaha) shares his thoughts on biofuels and hydrogen, and how they can achieve carbon neutrality faster than electrification. Jeff Wasil (NMMA) discusses the importance of life cycle assessment in relation to hydrogen and lithium batteries.

The Carbon Conundrum (Part 3)

Jeff Bowles (DLBA/Gibbs & Cox) and Marnix Hoekstra (Vripack Yacht Design) share their viewpoints on US and European markets, and discuss hybrid technologies across recreational, commercial, and military vessels.

The Carbon Conundrum (Part 4)

The panel shares their final thoughts and answers questions from the audience.



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