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Air Conditioning FIRST! Designing Modern Hybrid Energy Systems for Climate Control

This seminar was presented at IBEX 2023 as part of the Education Conference Seminar Series. The full seminar is now available in recorded format for $25/person.

As the marine industry begins to follow trends toward more electrification, we’ll look at the impact of modern battery and hybrid energy system technology and why a sudden focus on energy efficiency has become essential. In this seminar, Phil will discuss the problem of constantly running generators and the role of lithium batteries and fast-changing technology. Then, he’ll flip the energy system design script by first understanding the largest energy consumer aboard cruising yachts and how modern VRV air conditioning technology unlocks a new, cleaner, quieter, and more comfortable boating experience.


Phil Gutowski
Phil Gutowski
Founder, BoatRx

A lifelong sailor, Phil Gutowski is also the founder of BoatRx and has assembled a team dedicated to learning new technologies and implementing uniquely designed systems with cutting-edge components. BoatRx has quickly become a leader in marine hybrid energy and climate innovation.

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