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Composites Production

This seminar was presented at IBEX 2023 as part of the Education Conference Seminar Series. The full seminar is now available in recorded format for $25/person.

This seminar highlights a series of short topics related to everyday composites production. Production procedures need to be built around the science of how composites materials work. Each of these topics will focus on an element that impacts the larger methodology used to produce molded products including:

  • Understanding oxygen inhibition and sticky polyester resin surfaces
  • Why molds stick
  • Why flat composites panels look bad
  • Resin shrinkage and laminate thermodynamics
  • Electrostatic discharge and fiberglass molds
  • Resin curing and temperature
  • Weird things about spray patterns


Bob Lacovara
Bob Lacovara
Lead Faculty of the Composites Technology Program

Bob Lacovara founded Convergent Composites to provide expert services for the composites industry. He is the former Director of Technical Services for the American Composites Manufacturers Association, having served the organization’s member companies for 20-years. Lacovara was inducted into the Composites Hall of Fame in 2010 for contributions that “have forever left a mark on the composites industry.”

He has held positions as General Manager of a corporation producing aircraft and transportation components; and as Operations Manager for a major marine manufacturer. He is a graduate of Rowan University.

Lacovara is the originator and developer of the ACMA Certified Composites Technician (CCT) program. Over 3,000 participants have earned industry credentials through this widely acknowledged professional development program. In addition, he has served as editor of the Composites Research Journal.

As an industry educator he has developed numerous training programs and delivered hundreds of presentations at industry conferences and meetings. In the course of this work he has had the opportunity consult with a many composites manufacturers in the U.S. and abroad.

As a well-known author and professional lecturer, he has been in the composites industry for over 50-years, and maintains a diverse array of activities across the industry. Having recently served as interim Director of Education at the IYRS School of Technology in Newport, Rhode Island, Lacovara is currently lead faculty of the Composites Technology Program.

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