IBEX will take place as Virtual Event, opening September 29, 2020.

IBEX will no longer host a live event at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL due to COVID-19 and will instead transition to a virtual only event. The IBEX Virtual Show will open on September 29, 2020.

How Will The Show Make Changes To Adapt To The Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic?

IBEX will transition to a virtual only event. The health and safety of our visitors, exhibitors, and partners is our primary concern, and gathering in-person in Tampa, FL is not the right decision due to COVID-19. This decision will allow the entire marine industry to come together in a new way as an online community, with our 2020 exhibitors at the heart of the new virtual event.

Is Registration Currently Open?

Registration for the new IBEX Virtual Show will open in August 2020. We will let all exhibiting companies know the process for registering their booth staff.

How will the Transition to Virtual Affect Exhibiting Companies?

IBEX 2020 exhibiting companies who pay their booth fees will be part of the new virtual event. As part of the transition to a virtual event:

  • 2020 booth payments will roll to 2021 where they will be the deposit/payment for IBEX 2021.
  • Rolling the booth payments earns the company: 2020 show point(s); Protects first rights for 2021 exhibit space at same booth rate as 2020.

Exhibitors who are not interested in participating in the virtual event should contact their sales rep. For these companies, their 2020 booth payments will roll to 2021 where they will be the deposit/payment for IBEX 2021. Rolling the booth payments to 2021 earns the company: 2020 show point(s) and protects first rights for 2021 exhibit space at the same booth rate as 2020.

IBEX 2021 booth renewals will proceed with the first rights allocation process and will honor the return of exhibiting companies who choose not to participate in the 2020 virtual event. The 2021 floor plan will be the same as the current 2020 plan. The booth rates will remain the same in 2021.

What Happens to Booth Fees Paid?

IBEX will apply your booth payments for IBEX 2020 to IBEX 2021.  This automatic renewal would confirm your current booth location, and or, place your company in line based on seniority and points if we needed to re-allocate the floor plan.  If you do not wish to have your booth payments applied to IBEX 2021, exhibitors are entitled to the return of the rental fee for the exhibit space, less the pro rata share allocable to the exhibit space of the expenses incurred by IBEX, LLC in connection with the exhibition.

What Is the Exhibit Space Contract Cancellation Policy?

As outlined in the 2020 Exhibit Space Contract, the IBEX Exhibit Space Contract cancellation is as follows:

Cancellation Policy:

Exhibitor may cancel his reserved space assignment by written notice to IBEX, LLC, effective upon IBEX, LLC’s receipt of such written notice. If Exhibitor fails to make payments due here under on the date or dates specified, then IBEX, LLC may cancel this agreement or change Exhibitor’s space assignment, at IBEX, LLC’s sole discretion and without further notice. IBEX, LLC may close an exhibit and cancel this agreement at any time for failure of Exhibitor or any of its officers, agents, employees, or other representatives to perform, observe, or comply with any term or condition set forth herein or stipulated in the Exhibitor Service Manual. In such event, IBEX, LLC may immediately remove Exhibitor’s display at the Exhibitor’s sole expense if Exhibitor fails to do so, and IBEX, LLC may re-let the space to others. If a reserved space assignment is canceled, voluntarily or involuntarily, for any reason, or if Exhibitor for any reason shall be unable to exhibit at the Show, Exhibitor shall not be entitled to a refund of any portion of exhibit fees paid and shall be liable for all exhibit fees accrued and unpaid to the effective date of cancellation or termination.

a) A contract cancellation penalty representing all or a portion of the total contract price will be assessed according to the following formula:

25% contract penalty- Completion of application to April 6, 2020

75% contract penalty – April 7, 2020 to July 6, 2020

100% July 7, 2020 to show set up.

b) For all exhibitors requesting a space reduction, IBEX, LLC reserves the right to relocate the exhibit or reconfigure it as determined by IBEX, LLC.


What will happen to our booked hotel rooms?

If you reserved your hotel with onPeak, the official hotel provider for IBEX, your room reservation will be automatically cancelled. No further action is required from you.

If you still plan to travel to Tampa over the original dates of the show, you will need to contact your hotel directly. Hotel rates will vary, as the IBEX 2020 rate is no longer valid.
(866) 524 7465 Toll-Free

If you reserved outside the IBEX hotel block, contact the hotel directly to cancel your reservation.

Have There Been Any Changes To The Show Schedule?

Yes, IBEX will publish a Virtual Show Schedule of Events soon.

How Can I Sign Up To Receive Additional And Ongoing Information About The Show?

Anyone who is listed as a primary contact for IBEX on the IBEX exhibition contract receives the IBEX Exhibitor News.  If you have questions about who is listed, contact Tina Sanderson at

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