Let’s Get Social IBEX

Believe it or not, IBEX will be here in 4 months! It doesn’t matter if you are planning to attend as an exhibitor or a visitor, using Twitter now to promote your participation in IBEX will get the marine industry talking. Here are a few tips for using Twitter prior to IBEX. Follow us @IBEXShow and retweet our posts.  We will do the same for you. Start using our hashtag #IBEX15. We want to hear now that you are making plans to attend. Let us know what you are hoping to see at the event.  This could include referencing products, exhibitors, keynote . . . Read More

Composites: Catch the Wave

The halves of this surfboard, built by composites manufacturer mouldCAM in Bristol, Rhode Island, were sent to California to be used by the Visit Huntington Beach tourism campaign

Masts for America’s Cup race boats. Rowing shells. A giant surfboard. Airplane parts, radar domes, satnav dishes, spacecraft ramps. Wind tunnels, violins, outdoor works of art, bridges and buses. What these diverse products—some of them, familiar to the marine industry—have in common is composites. That’s the combination of at least two materials whose individual physical and chemical traits are manufactured into a single material with different properties. Whether they’re a producer, product weaver, supplier, engineer or mold builder, American companies—many of them marine enterprises with roots in boatbuilding—in composites manufacturing number 3,000, according to statistics from the American Composites Manufacturers . . . Read More

Marine Industry Momentum

I’ll admit it: I’m an optimist. I’m a glass half-full kind-of-gal. I always look on the bright side because I prefer it to the alternative. But I’m also a pragmatist and I am driven by cold-hard facts and data. And I can tell you, the Marine Industry has Momentum. I talk to manufacturers, boat builders, surveyors, industry writers and publishers all the time – it’s my job. And this year, you can feel it. Now that you’ve seen our video – do you feel the momentum, too? Kate Holden, Marketing Director/Sales

IBEX by the Numbers

Is it really Spring?  This has been a long, cold winter for so many of us. I’m happy to see signs of Spring as we ramp up our plans to promote this year’s IBEX – our 25th Anniversary Show, September 15th – 17th at the Kentucky Expo Center, Louisville, KY.   I want to remind you to begin your planning as well; travel, hotel, marketing, there’s so much to see and do over the course of just a few days, planning is the key to your success. Get started on our web site with these links: Floor Plan Exhibitor list Book your Hotel . . . Read More

Caveat Emptor! Let the buyer beware

To all our valued exhibitors, please beware of phone and email solicitations claiming to be affiliated with IBEX. Each year we hear about phone and email scams cleverly disguised as official IBEX business. Be smart, and check with us before you give your company credit card information over the phone. Clues that you are dealing with a possible scam are: the person can’t pronounce “IBEX” properly they demand immediate payment, or must have your credit card no later than   5:00 p.m. today! the call is from a foreign number, or blocked. the return address is from a foreign country. . . . Read More

The Father-Daughter Chat: Ethanol — Really?

Only recently have I fully begun to understand the scope of the ethanol controversy in our industry. Over dinner a few weeks ago with my dad, a commercial fisherman in Maine, the conversation migrated to boats (it always does) and the trouble he was having with his outboard; a late-90’s carbureted 4-stroke. The problem, which comes as no surprise to anyone in the marine industry or anyone who pays attention to marine industry news, is that his engine and ethanol do not mix. The use of ethanol, a fuel oxygenate and aggressive solvent, which, due to its hygroscopic nature, inhibits . . . Read More

Chicken or Egg?

As the 25th International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference and its renown education seminar series approaches, we thankfully don’t have to noodle over such existential quandaries. We at IBEX know what came first, where it is now, and where it’s headed. The chicken and egg story still inspires and provides IBEX-style clues — but we’ll get to that later. Where’s IBEX Now? For starters, it’s stronger than ever and easily the leading, largest marine industry trade show around. With a following not just in the United States but around the world, IBEX is produced by Professional BoatBuilder magazine and the National . . . Read More

IBEX: Central to Your Success

There are many marine industry professionals out there who will agree with this post’s title – IBEX has been Central to Your Success. That’s why we incorporated it into our new creative for 2015. If you have not seen our new look, please visit our website www.ibexshow.com.  And while you are there check-out the homepage where you’ll find a video, our latest news, and photos from the 2014 show.  And you won’t want to miss the 2015 floor plan and exhibitor list. See for yourself who’s setup for success at IBEX 2015.  

You Say You Want a Revolution?

IKEA recently introduced a new line of wireless charging furniture. Instead of coming home and immediately plugging your phone into a charger, you simply set the phone down on your spiffy new wireless charging table. Voila! Just like that, the ease of charging has gone up a notch. No more searching for plugs or cords.  http://www.wired.com/2015/03/ikeas-wireless-charging/ According to Wired magazine, “It’s far from perfect, but the technology is advancing fast.” Last year at IBEX 2014 we introduced The Connected Boat display, which offered the boatbuilding industry the chance to see what’s happening in connectivity for boats. This large, live display . . . Read More

From Anne Dunbar, IBEX Show Director

Thank you for helping us to make IBEX Tampa 2014 an incredibly successful show.  I know selecting Tampa as a location for IBEX was the right choice.  It was energizing to see our industry well-represented, helping us create a vibrant, reinvigorated show.  Given the unique offerings of the Tampa Convention Center with its on-water options and close proximity to marine businesses throughout the Southeast boating region, we look forward to returning to Tampa in 2016. I’m equally excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in Louisville, KY in 2015. Louisville’s proximity to leading boat builders and manufacturers across the Midwest, . . . Read More

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