NMMA Gets Topical at IBEX

As I’ve mentioned in past IBEX blog posts, I rely heavily on IBEX’s education partners to develop seminars that reflect what’s happening in the industry today. IBEX co-owner, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), is no different. While I am aware of the Clean Air Act and the MACT Standards from the early 2000s and have read about what kind of impact the residual risks will have on standards the EPA is developing, I cannot in any way speak intelligently about it. Nor, I have to admit, would I be able to pull a seminar together that could cogently explain . . . Read More

NMEA Talks System Integration at IBEX

With just a little over a month before we all head to IBEX in Tampa, I have only a couple more blog posts about our education partners. I’ve written in this blog about show co-owner Professional BoatBuilder magazine, as well as ABYC and ABBRA. Next week, I plan to tackle NMMA’s lineup of seminars. This week, however, I’d like talk about the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA). I’ll admit I’m running a bit long with this post. I know the least about electronics and therefore I tend to research it the most. Although I have been working with IBEX since . . . Read More

ABBRA Delivers at IBEX

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve talked about IBEX seminars sponsored and produced by conference education partner, the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC), and IBEX show co-owner Professional BoatBuilder magazine. This week, I’d like to touch upon the seminars put forth by education partner American Boat Builders & Repairers Association (ABBRA). Of late, ABBRA has been focused on building a competent and technically skilled workforce for the recreational marine industry, which includes developing a pipeline of workers that choose the marine industry as a career path. To achieve this, the minds behind ABBRA have set their sights on . . . Read More

The Value of Face to Face

I just returned from a two-day meeting in Chicago that I was too busy to attend, but I went anyway and was whining to myself about it right up to the minute I walked in the door. Then the magic happened. I was reminded of the value of face-to-face meetings. No matter how busy you are, or how much effort it takes to travel, nothing can replace the power and impact of a live event and face-to-face interaction. We are all in the people business and face-to-face meetings are still the most effective ways to keep the attention of your current customers . . . Read More

From the Horse’s Mouth: ABYC Seminars at IBEX

IBEX brings together some of the greatest minds in the marine industry. In order to do this, we work very closely with our education partners, such as the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC), the American Boat Builders & Repairers Association (ABBRA), the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA), and IBEX show partners Professional BoatBuilder magazine and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). Here, I’d like to talk about ABYC’s seminars. Of the eight seminars ABYC is developing for IBEX 2016 in October in Tampa, four are on the docks. This means, anyone registered for these seminars will be shown the ins and . . . Read More

Great Minds Come Together at IBEX

With a great deal of input from our education partners and seminar series, IBEX is able to pull together some of the greatest minds in the marine industry. This year’s IBEX Seminar Series (October 4–6 in Tampa, FL) is brought to you by the American Boat & Yacht Council, American Boat Builders & Repairers Association, and National Marine Electronics Association, as well as IBEX’s co-owners National Marine Manufacturers Association and Professional BoatBuilder magazine, which is responsible for the bulk of the sessions. As a former associate editor for Professional BoatBuilder magazine and as someone who has been working with IBEX since the late 1990s, . . . Read More


We are! And we can’t wait to welcome you all to the 25th Anniversary IBEX Show next week in Louisville, KY. This is the first event of the Fall/Winter marine industry show season – let’s get the momentum going! I’d like to take a moment to share with you some thoughts on what we will see and learn next week at IBEX.  The 548 current exhibitors have highlighted nearly 300 new or special products, processes, and services that they plan to show.  Have you downloaded the IBEX app?   Now is the time to map out your time at IBEX to . . . Read More

IBEX Opens in 19 Days – See You There.

IBEX 2015 opens in 19 days – WOW! If you have not registered, now is the time. Click here to get started registering.  If you prefer to talk with a live person, you can do your registration over the phone by calling 484-751-5135. Now should you need a little incentive, let me provide you with that. IBEX 2015 will host 550 exhibitors from 14 countries. We will welcome 110  NEW-to-IBEX-exhibitors this year. The show floor sold out back in May, we added more booths – and we are sold out again. We have a record number of Innovation Award entries this year, . . . Read More

Fresh IBEX Technical Seminars, Get ‘Em While They’re Hot

Kevin Boughton of Midcoast Marine Electronics helps skipper Carol Vernon sort out an electronics miscommunication issue

Every year about this time the editorial team of Professional BoatBuilder magazine, as well as yours truly, are relieved and excited by the reality that the 50-plus technical seminars we organize as part of the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) are ready for your consumption. We’ve been pulling them together for nearly 8 months now, but this is the point where speakers have committed, topics are focused, and registration is open. Come and get ‘em! IBEX 2015 is only weeks away! The full seminar program for IBEX 2015 (Sept. 15-17) includes a range of topics geared to naval architects, yard managers, . . . Read More

Meet & Mingle at IBEX

We have so much going on this year at IBEX, it’s hard for me to keep up! I know my dance card is already full. We’ve really have made it easy for you to make new connections in the marine industry and see the friends you know will be there. There’s so much to do, so many conversations to have, and so much work to be done. Let me help to make your planning a bit easier with these exciting IBEX events: Industry Breakfast, Keynote  Address, & Innovation Awards Presentation Tuesday, September 15th from 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM. Sponsored by Recreational . . . Read More

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