IBEX Show: Where Better Boats Begin


Where Better Boats Begin



We are! And we can’t wait to welcome you all to the 25th Anniversary IBEX Show next week in Louisville, KY. This is the first event of the Fall/Winter marine industry show season – let’s get the momentum going! I’d like to take a moment to share with you some thoughts on what we will . . . Read More

IBEX Opens in 19 Days – See You There.

IBEX 2015 opens in 19 days – WOW! If you have not registered, now is the time. Click here to get started registering.  If you prefer to talk with a live person, you can do your registration over the phone by calling 484-751-5135. Now should you need a little incentive, let me provide you with that. IBEX . . . Read More

Fresh IBEX Technical Seminars, Get ‘Em While They’re Hot

Kevin Boughton of Midcoast Marine Electronics helps skipper Carol Vernon sort out an electronics miscommunication issue

Every year about this time the editorial team of Professional BoatBuilder magazine, as well as yours truly, are relieved and excited by the reality that the 50-plus technical seminars we organize as part of the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) are ready for your consumption. We’ve been pulling them together for nearly 8 months now, but . . . Read More

Meet & Mingle at IBEX

We have so much going on this year at IBEX, it’s hard for me to keep up! I know my dance card is already full. We’ve really have made it easy for you to make new connections in the marine industry and see the friends you know will be there. There’s so much to do, so . . . Read More

The Future of Materials

One of our show goals is that everyone who attends IBEX leaves having experienced multiple WOW moments. Wow. We could use that. Wow. That is amazing. Wow. Why didn’t I think of that? Wow. That gives me an idea. This year we are partnering with several outside groups to offer dynamic new exhibits to showcase . . . Read More

ABBRA: Pivotal IBEX Partner

Pam Lendzion and Meg Toppa are the new team at the helm of the American Boat Builders and Repairers Association

There’s a new team, new headquarters, and a new direction at the American Boat Builders and Repairers Association, a key partner of IBEX and its education seminar series. Pamela Lendzion, past ABBRA president as well as a boatyard and marina operator and consultant, is serving as the interim executive director of ABBRA; Meg Toppa is . . . Read More

Helpful things I’ve learned over the last 25 years at IBEX

I’m thrilled to have been with IBEX since it’s inception.  It gives me a perspective on this event that only a few of us have.  One thing that has always remained constant is that people come to IBEX to connect.  If you’re here to exhibit then you are interested in one of two things: selling your product, or . . . Read More

Top 10 Tips for a Successful Innovation Award Product Nomination

Summer vacation schedules tend to obscure important deadlines in preparation for IBEX 2015. Between exhibitor registrations, seminar selection, hotel reservations, the list goes on. Not to be overlooked is the prestigious Innovation Awards. This highly visible showcase helps level the field between new and established exhibitors who are the drivers behind innovation that attracts consumers . . . Read More

Want to Network? Me either.

I’ve been uncomfortable with it for awhile, but unable to articulate my feelings. It’s a buzz word, and it is everywhere – so I kept using it. But no more. I’ve made a decision to work “networking” out of my life and vocabulary. Here’s why. It’s over-used and meaningless. What does it mean? “Network: a . . . Read More

The Many Paths to Learning

YRS students Vladimir Kevreshan and Asa Leighton watch as Jeff Reber of Composites One prepares a mold for infusion

In an ongoing effort to promote careers in the marine trades and beyond, the International Yacht Restoration School in Rhode Island has long had a presence at IBEX. This year will be no different, and a chance to observe students at work in the composites technology program at IYRS shines a light on the value . . . Read More

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